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Deloitte Emerging Workforce

Compliance. Without Turbulence.

A variety of trends including globalization, the growth of new markets and the talent shortage has meant that business travel has become the new 'norm' for many organizations. The increasing complexity of regulations with respect to business travelers, challenges today's organizations.

Our principles

At Deloitte, we understand that business travel and remote work compliance requirements add additional complexity for both employees and the business alike and we are committed to supporting our clients navigate these challenges. Our principles are focused on:

Connected Compliance

Breadth of coverage; Depth of logic; End-to-end service delivery

Seamless Experience

User focused; Data driven; Real time analysis

Delivering Value

Protects your business; Supports your people; Drives down cost

Our capabilities

Design based approach

We put the user at the heart of our approach


Growing with you - adapting as your requirements evolve

Breadth of expertise

Truly global connected teams, providing support across your business

Mobile app

GPS location services enabled, providing information and access on the go

Web-service enabled

The potential to integrate with existing systems

Insight through Analytics

Data driven insight

Single Sign On

Seamless access within your corporate network


A flexible platform for your business


A focus on protecting your data

Our approach to supporting your emerging workforce

Our emerging workforce practice, supports clients with navigating through the complex challenges associated with cross-border working arrangements, this includes business travellers, remote workers and commuters.

Our dedicated emerging workforce team are experienced in designing, transforming and implementing programs to manage business travel and remote working compliance risks (for instance immigration, posted worker directive, tax, social security and permanent establishment).

Our Go Work. platform enables you to assess travel compliance, drive insight into your risk areas and seamlessly take action through connected workflows – for example, a work permit, posted worker directive notification, or tax return.


Our tested methodology is centred on three core pillars which deliver a connected end-to-end service:

Identifying key risk areas to transform or design a program tailored to your organisation.

  • Risk assessment
  • Data landscape review
  • Design lab
  • Policy design
  • Process review
  • Communication strategy
  • Change management.


The Go Work. platform drives insight from your business travel and remote work data. Our 12 proprietary assessment engines and supporting logic are underpinned by our extensive Deloitte network.

Compliance risk assessments:
  • Immigration – Business Visa
  • Immigration – Work Permits
  • Work Authorisation Assessment
  • Travel Restrictions and Health Requirements
  • Posted Worker Directive (PWD)
  • Social Security
  • Income Tax
  • US State Tax
  • Local tax authority employer reporting (UK Appendix 4 & 8)
  • Company Policy
  • Regulatory and Employment Law
  • Permanent Establishment


Seamlessly managing compliance obligations once they have been identified.

  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Bespoke compliance delivery models
  • Automated service initiation
  • Dedicated client services teams.



Deloitte – Travel Ready app enabled by SAP® Concur® solutions lets you focus on what matters.

Deloitte - Travel Ready app, enabled by SAP® Concur® solutions – making the complex, simple.

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Deloitte Business Travel Compliance - why your organisation needs a robust program

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