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Navigating the Posted Workers Directive for business travellers

A “how to” guide for employers

What is the Posted Workers Directive?

The Posted Workers Directive was originally introduced in 1996 by the European Union to protect employment rights of individuals working in other European countries. The original Directive aimed to ensure that workers had the same level of social protection as domestic workers, regardless of the EU country in which they worked, in addition to preventing unfair competition between businesses in lower- and higher- cost European Member States (MSs).

In 2014, the EU adopted an Enforcement Directive to further strengthen the protection of posted workers and stop circumvention of the rules. This has triggered the introduction of different new compliance requirements for employers across the EEA. It generally applies to all business travellers and assignees, and requires employers to provide pre-travel notifications to the relevant authorities in the country of posting. It can also affect third-country nationals, depending on the specific rules adopted in each Member State.

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