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Deloitte New Zealand’s Impact Accelerator - supporting the growth of impact-first enterprise in Aotearoa

It’s critical to transition our economy to a model of capitalism that is based on stakeholder needs, not simply shareholder primacy. In 2020, there is no questioning the importance of putting capital into investments and ventures that intentionally drive environmental, social and cultural benefits alongside profit.

Since 2017, Deloitte has enabled convening and connections across Aotearoa’s emerging impact investment ecosystem. We have co-hosted events with Soul Capital’s Dr. Jamie Newth and the Impact Investing National Advisory Board, including ‘From Discussions to Deals’, an impact pitch event designed to connect impact capital to impact ventures.

We have collaborated with B Lab Australia/New Zealand in the publication of their inaugural ‘State of the B Australia/New Zealand 2019’ Impact Report and in co-hosting B Corp boot camps and training sessions at our Deloitte Auckland office.

We also have partnered with The Aotearoa Circle to deliver the Fenwick Forum and support the Sustainable Finance Forum’s Roadmap for an inclusive, sustainable financial system.

Through these collaborations we identified a gap in the professional services available to support the impact investment market and impact-first enterprises.

The Impact Accelerator helps to fill that gap. 

Deloitte people want to connect with and participate in developing the impact business ecosystem. Through the accelerator, we identify opportunities and undertake a limited number of engagements per year. Successful ventures receive a customized package of professional services, a dedicated team and relationship manager, and access to mentorship and the Deloitte network.

It’s designed to connect purpose-driven enterprises and ventures with professional advisors who provide pro-bono services to support and strengthen the organisation's impact.

As a global network with deep and continued interest in sustainable finance, impact management and sustainability, we have a key role to play in achieving the Sustainable Finance Forum’s Roadmap for Action for New Zealand and beyond.

Currently we are accepting applications on a rolling basis, noting that there is a set of base criteria that we use to evaluate the applications, and that support may not necessarily be offered in the first instance.

If you are an impact-first enterprise, you can find out more about the Impact Accelerator here.