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SAP Integrated Business Planning



Plotting a course to value

Planning is paramount, especially when it comes to its impact on supply chain efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation. Integrating mature business planning capabilities can unlock potential value for your organisation by delivering real-time insights and execution capabilities throughout your supply chain. The cloud-based SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution can improve your ability to anticipate supply chain bottlenecks, identify potential alternatives, and help you respond effectively and efficiently.

There are multiple paths you can take with SAP IBP to help maximise value from your supply chain investments. For some organisations, implementation speed is critical—requiring an accelerated path to results. Other organisations might require a more classic approach to IBP, covering requirements gathering and delivery of a tailored solution that operates within the capabilities of the standard SAP IBP platform. Some might require a highly customised IBP solution that can address evolving demands, strategic objectives, and unique requirements across the enterprise.

Whether you are looking for an expedited approach to achieve value with IBP or want to execute a large-scale transformation leveraging a broad custom solution, Deloitte can help. We offer three SAP IBP paths to help your organisation arrive at a solution that can satisfy your needs.

Accelerated Implementation

Instead of spending months scoping, planning, designing, building, testing and implementing a custom IBP solution, we can start with a preconfigured fast-track implementation, using a baseline approach developed and refined through previous implementations. You can essentially start realising value at “go”—recognising that the system can continue to evolve as processes mature. It’s an approach that can accelerate your ROI tremendously by generating impactful results in as little as 10-12 weeks.


For organisations that require a more tailored approach to IBP transformation, our Agile offering provides a practical but efficient solution—one aligned more with your specific needs. The rapid agile approach covers basic steps such as requirements-gathering followed by solution design to help deliver a solution that fits more closely with your business, addressing needs through standard functionalities offered by the SAP IBP platform.


For some organisations, needs can be very specific and may require more than tailoring the standard solution. Often, ambitious goals require bold moves and when encountered with difficult business challenges, it requires a deeper problem solving. Working with SAP, Deloitte has helped our clients undertake highly effective co-innovation projects. We have collaborated to design new features that address specific business requirements—in the process, gathering insights that can help shape future IBP solutions.* It’s a custom approach that can help extensively address unique needs while strategically positioning the organisation to meet future goals.

*Co-innovation projects subject to determination by SAP

What we can do for you

With IBP in place, leaders can examine, understand, and answer questions that may have gone unanswered, or were too difficult to address. Here are a few examples.

  • How is market demand likely to evolve in the coming months?
  • Is there enough production capacity in certain regions to support expected market growth?
  • What is the likely impact of upcoming promotional campaigns on our distribution network?
  • Is the storage capacity of our main distribution center sufficient to meet the demands of likely annual growth for a newly introduced product family?
  • Given logistics costs, demand footprint, and raw material price differences across regions, what is the appropriate product mix and production capacity utilisation across regions?

Clients choose to work with us because we combine business insight with technical know-how to deliver practical, results-driven solutions—ones that work in alignment with larger strategic goals and involve a holistic supply chain view. Along the way, we focus on helping clients leverage SAP IBP to enable and adopt leading practices for maximising investments in the supply chain.

For clients looking to improve the supply chain with SAP IBP, we provide a comprehensive set of offerings:

  • Project roadmap development, planning, and business case development
  • SAP software bundling
  • Implementation services
  • Integration and project management
  • Process improvement and user enablement
  • Organisational change management
  • Supply chain value optimisation