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Inclusion at Deloitte New Zealand

At Deloitte, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves and to thrive at work—in every city, in everything we do, every day.

We are committed to supporting and empowering all of our people in achieving their full potential. At Deloitte New Zealand, we know how important it is that all our people can be their true, authentic selves at work and we are united against any form of social injustice.

Inclusion at Deloitte:

Gender balance

LGBT+ inclusion

Mental health

Racial and ethnic inclusion

Disability inclusion


Respect and inclusion at Deloitte New Zealand


We believe that an inclusive culture, underpinned at all times by respect, provides the foundation for a diverse and vibrant organisation—we understand that providing this workplace environment for all our people is a long-term commitment. We also understand that diversity requires deliberate action when it comes to the way we work. Whether through embracing the power of allyship, or by making our processes more inclusive, we are taking clear and consistent action to achieve the aspirational diversity goals that we have set for ourselves.

Here's how we’re taking action:

Deloitte New Zealand strives to achieve equal gender representation across our organisation. We are committed to our approach to closing the gender pay gap with initiatives that focus on gender parity, addressing the parenting penalty and continuing to ensure pay-equity is achieved.

We have set aspirational goals for all firms and have developed consistent initiatives spanning the entire career life cycle—from recruitment, promotion and succession processes to mentoring, sponsorship and agile working. 

At Deloitte New Zealand, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves at work, without fear of discrimination or prejudice. The Deloitte New Zealand StandOUT community is a network of people who are passionate about creating a workplace that embraces and celebrates diversity and people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and people of all sexual characteristics.

We want our LGBTQI+  people to feel confident in being who they are and empowered to thrive within Deloitte and within the communities Deloitte serves. Our people support the rights and wellbeing of their LGBTQI+ colleagues. Allyship isn’t just passive support, but part of our everyday actions – visibly and vocally supporting LGBTQI+ people inside and outside of Deloitte. 

Deloitte New Zealand believes supporting mental health is a critical aspect of inclusion and is working to address the stigma that still too often exists within society on this topic. Our WorkingWell initiative delivers a framework to help our people navigate their wellbeing, while our Kaimanaaki team is a group of dedicated Deloitte individuals trained and equipped to signpost our people to the right support with empathy, discretion, and sensitivity.

We recognise the importance of our people knowing where and how to seek support when they are experiencing mental health challenges and being comfortable they can do this without fear of stigma. Our Hauora Placement framework is designed to help people have quality conversations about wellbeing, as well as plan and take action to access both internal and external support services through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and mental health professionals. 

Deloitte New Zealand stands against systemic bias, racism, and unequal treatment. We take seriously our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and our responsibility to listen, learn and lead the change we wish to see in Aotearoa. 

Within our organisation, we continue to drive local initiatives to increase ethnic minority representation, through our scholarship progammes for Māori and Pasifika  and via recruitment, learning and development, career progression and mentoring. Our Specialist Services, including Hourua Pae Rau, Pas Peau, and the China Services Group teams, work closely to develop our Māori, Pasifika and Chinese communities through supportive partnerships and meaningful collaborations.  


At Deloitte New Zealand, we are building an environment where people with both visible and invisible disabilities can actively and fully participate and demonstrate their abilities in the workplace and society. We are cognisant of the benefits of neurodiversity and actively seek to harness the benefits of our people’s diversity of thought. 

We are working towards the launch of the Deloitte Asia Pacific’s Accessibility and Inclusion initiative to help ensure our recruitment processes don't exclude people with disabilities or who are neurodiverse so we can tap into this diverse talent pool and enable this segment of our community to fulfil their potential. Through our commitment to this initiative, Deloitte will foster awareness-building, coaching and education programmes to enable professionals with disabilities to reach their full potential at Deloitte.

Our shared values at Deloitte New Zealand include Manaaki, “Take care of each other” and Hāpai Tangata, “Foster inclusion.” One of the ways we bring those shared values to life is by promoting allyship, which means visibly and vocally standing up for the rights of others, addressing bias and unacceptable behaviour—and encouraging people to use their voice to effect change. It goes far beyond expressing passive support—it is a long-term commitment to advocate for others.