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Ethics and integrity

We commit to conducting business with high integrity, quality and levels of professional behaviour. Our Values and Global Principles of Business Conduct are the foundation of our culture, shaping who we are, what we believe and how we behave.

Our Values

Our values are our culture.
Ko ō mātau Mātāpono tō mātau Ahurea.

Our Deloitte values inform and guide our wider collective behaviour as a Deloitte member firm, and unite us around the entire Deloitte network. They drive consistency in the way we behave, make decisions and go to market as we aim to make an impact that matters with our clients, our people and our wider communities.

Explore more about our values, how we support our people and maintain a culture of inclusion here. 

Global Principles of Business Conduct

Deloitte’s Global Principles of Business Conduct outlines the commitments that each of us make. It is based on our Shared Values and reflects our core belief that, at Deloitte, ethics and integrity are fundamental and not negotiable.

Deloitte’s commitment to quality and integrity underlies everything we do – day in and day out – as we seek to make an impact that matters for clients, our people, and our communities. Our Global Principles of Business Conduct guides those efforts by clearly articulating the standards to which we all must hold ourselves, wherever in the world we live and work.

We have an appointed Ethics Officer, ethics training, and channels for consulting on difficult issues and reporting suspected misconduct.

We encourage an environment of consultation

No one should have to navigate a difficult situation alone. When faced with an ethical concern, we encourage our people to consult with their colleagues, line managers, leaders, or through their normal work channels. We also offer formal ethics reporting channels for those who prefer confidential consultation. 

Have an ethics issue, concern, or grievance to report? Please report a concern using the contact form.

We comply with laws and policy

Complying with laws, regulations, and professional standards in each jurisdiction and territory where we do business is vital for Deloitte entities. In addition, Deloitte member firms implement internal policies and standards to address important professional behaviour that may not be governed by professional requirements. By doing this, we provide quality service to clients and build trust and confidence in global markets.

Commitment to responsible business practices

Deloitte’s commitment to responsible business is rooted in our Purpose - 175 years of making an impact that matters for our people, society, and clients. We outline the responsible business principles we believe in and the commitments we have made in a global document. These are embedded in our policies and inform our decision making across our operations.

Explore our commitment to responsible business.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As part of Deloitte’s global commitment to responsible business practices, we acknowledge the impacts of our operations on our wider eco-systems, and commit to better business practices throughout our value chain. We aim to achieve positive outcomes for our people, the economy, the communities where we live and work and our natural environments. We recognise that our suppliers play a critical role in helping us to achieve this commitment and the opportunities our supply chain creates to drive positive social and environmental change. 

We aspire to work collaboratively with our suppliers to meet the expectations set out in our Deloitte New Zealand Supplier Code of Conduct code and to support sustainable and inclusive procurement practices throughout New Zealand. We utilise insights from supplier reporting in our own procurement decisions and our own sustainability reporting, aiming to better collaborate with our suppliers for measurable impact. 

Our expectations, approach and intentions are set out in our Deloitte New Zealand Supplier Code of Conduct, developed with reference to international conventions, the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, and a range of local and international best practice exemplars.

Explore the Deloitte New Zealand Supplier Code of Conduct.

Reporting suspected violations

There are two methods for Suppliers or the public to report suspected violations of this Supplier Code:

1. Violations may be reported to any Deloitte NZ personnel with whom a Supplier or member of the public is comfortable directly discussing the matter. We will protect the confidentiality of reporters and, when requested and not prohibited by law, anonymity; understanding that any information provided to Deloitte NZ personnel will need to be disclosed internally for further review.

2. Violations may also be reported directly to Deloitte Speak Up, which protects confidentiality for reporters and, when requested and not prohibited by law, anonymity. There are two ways to contact Deloitte Speak Up: Via telephone: 0508 191 248 (NZ); +1 866 654 6514 (International) Via the Web:

Integrity is the foundation of our businesses, and we aim to do the right thing even—especially—when it is difficult to do so.

Allan Bullot, Deloitte New Zealand Conduct & Ethics Leader