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Naila Naseem

Health Advisory, Change Collaborative Lead Partner – Consulting

I’m passionate about equipping leaders, at every level to stand up confidently to challenges, seize opportunities, and make consistent, sustained progress toward the innovative change required for the future health system.

To put this into practice, I lead the Change Collaborative and have designed and delivered a graduated suite of leadership development programmes across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Alumni include 500 clinicians, managers and executives across primary, community and hospital services. 

With over 30 years’ experience in health having started my professional life as a front-line clinician in prosthetics, I am passionate about challenging norms and perceived wisdom to improve equity and wellbeing of all members of our teams and communities.

On a system level, I enjoy orchestrating change and organisational development in complex adaptive systems through sensemaking, interagency collaboration and facilitating organisational networks to drive progress —shifting mindsets and motivating new behaviours at the individual and group level.