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Reaching the next level of maturity

Find out how to transition from cost centre and service provider to value creator and technology pioneer

While the future is exciting, new Deloitte research reveals important opportunities to improve alignment between corporate headquarters and SSC/GBS organisations that can boost their effectiveness and enhance the value they can deliver. To gain greater insight into how SSC and GBS strategies are working – and where they are falling short – Deloitte embarked on a comprehensive review of the marketplace. This review included both the 2017 Deloitte Global Shared Services Survey and recent interviews from 34 companies across seven countries that are common hosts of shared services and GBS organisations – Ireland, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, and Uruguay. These in-depth one-on-one conversations focused on talent management, next generation capabilities, operational excellence and the future of SSCs/GBS.

We uncovered three key opportunities leaders can take to accelerate the maturity of their SSC or GBS organisation:

  1. Solving the talent challenge;
  2. Bridging the cultural divide; and
  3. Developing skills around integrating technology.
The bottom line

If you are a Shared Services Leader or Global Business Service Leader, or a key business decision-maker, finding the right approach to culture, talent, and technology is undoubtedly “on your radar”. Even so, to reach the next level of maturity and to stay competitive for the future, SSCs and GBS organisations would need to accelerate their digital agendas to continue adding value to their business partners.

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