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People’s Impact Fund

A dedicated fund to support our people’s personal charitable passions and commitments.  

We recognise that many of our people are personally involved with charities or other purpose work that is close to their hearts. We know how much passion and time they devote to these projects, and we have demonstrated our support through the inaugural People’s Impact Fund.   

We were excited to launch the inaugural People’s Impact Fund in October 2021. It is a dedicated fund to help our people support social impact initiatives and projects that they are personally passionate about, and which align to our WorldImpact ambitions of education, climate action, and inclusion. The fund aims to help our people to activate and live their personal purpose, as well as ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. All employees were eligible to apply for the fund and consideration was also given to immediate family members who expressed an interest in applying.

We are grateful to the Community Foundation for Ireland for its support in the establishment of the fund, guidance on the governance process and the allocation of funds to the selected organisations.

 We are extremely proud of the impact that our people are making every day through their inspirational commitments to the following organisations, and we are delighted to play a small part in supporting them.  

Awardees of the Inaugural People’s Impact Fund

  • BeKind Ireland   
    Directly funding education support costs associated with running the BeKind Boys’ Home. 
  • Engage in Education  
    Our support helped Engage in Education to further develop three of their key programmes: Nurture, Compass, and Engage. The overarching aim of each programme is to support both students and parents through the education system by providing post-school financial supports, mentoring, workshops, and other non-financial supports that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  
  • HIV Ireland  
    Through the People’s Impact Fund, HIV Ireland increased the capacity of its counselling services for people living with HIV in Ireland. With demand for the service increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the grant was awarded at a pivotal time for the organisation. 
  • Irish Justice Afghan Appeal (Irish Rule of Law International)  
    Eleven families of female Afghan legal professionals who recently arrived in Ireland benefited from funding for food, housing, healthcare, and other urgent needs.  
  • Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation 
    The organisation is using the funds to implement staff self-care days. These self-care days provide a professionally facilitated safe space for Jack & Jill nurses to pause in their busy lives and reflect on the issues that are causing stress. The wellness days offer support and tools for the nurses, helping them cope with the stresses and worries of assisting a family with a very sick child. 
  • Merazonia Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, Ecuador  
    Our funds are being used to replace an old and unreliable power supply with a solar energy system, completely transforming how this animal rescue clinic operates.
  • Open Doors Initiative  
    The funding is helping with the creation of an online Migrant Hub, aimed at both employers and potential employees, to answer queries around work permits and cultural differences as well as to offer supports and training for the migrant population. 
  • Sing Ireland  
    As a result of the donation, Sing Ireland is able to work in partnership with DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) schools and the Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) to develop a new creative engagement model designed to reach young people otherwise unlikely to participate in group singing.

Key contacts

Claire Dunne

Head of Social Impact