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Deloitte Works

Enabling the future of work through a focus on trust, flexibility, and collaboration

As we began to plan for a world beyond Covid, we gathered input from our people. They told us that, above all, they wanted flexibility and choice in managing their work week. They wanted to be able to connect with colleagues and clients in person, while also having the option to work remotely. This formed the basis for Deloitte Works, our new way of working.  

We launched Deloitte Works in September 2021 as our new approach to working. It encompasses our workplaces, our workforce, and our work. Deloitte Works is built on the principles of offering our people flexibility to choose how, where and when to do their best work and trusting them to collaborate with their teams and clients to do this most effectively.

Prior to the pandemic, Deloitte was largely an office-based organisation, either on client sites or our own offices. During the pandemic everyone had to work from home. As the restrictions were easing, we had the opportunity to take the best from both worlds and carve out a new approach to working that combined the flexibility and efficiency of remote working with the collaboration, innovation, and growth opportunities of in-person connectivity. However, we realised that this would not happen by itself and would require leadership and intentionality to be successful.

When we launched Deloitte Works, we provided a number of guides to support people in having conversations with clients and their teams to agree the ways of working that would work for them, and most importantly, give them a choice in how they work.

One of our key people promises is to provide continuous growth opportunities. Much of this growth comes from the projects people work on and the people they work with. We needed to ensure our guides supported people to be intentional around those moments that mattered for inclusion, learning, belonging and growth.

In parallel, we have also been investing in our office space and technology to enable the future of work, ensuring we have more collaborative spaces, refreshed wellbeing and faith rooms, hybrid enabled meeting rooms and more. We have also worked with our sustainability team to review our travel and catering practices to ensure a holistic approach to Deloitte Works that also delivers on our World Climate ambition.

As restrictions have eased and people have had a chance to experiment with what works for them, we continue to seek feedback and review the guides and supports we offer.

While some organisations have taken a rules-based approach, we firmly believe that our people know best what works for them and their clients and that together, through open conversations, we will continue to deliver transformative impact for our clients and people by empowering them to work flexibly and collaboratively.

Our principles-based approach requires greater leadership as each team needs to agree their ways of working and what will enable them to deliver on their ambition. We are committed to supporting our leaders to experiment and drive the right balance for them and their teams.

The feedback from our people has been overwhelmingly positive with regard to Deloitte Works and the flexibility and control it gives them. We are seeing teams using the guides to agree what works for them and through that having more intentional and open conversations around their norms and wellbeing than would have been the case pre-Deloitte Works. We are only at the start and look forward to continuing to evolve our approach as we experiment further in collaboration with our clients and our people.

Key Contacts

Niamh Geraghty

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Sinead Gogan

Chief Human Resources Officer

Brian Jackson

Partner, Audit and Assurance

Lisa McGrath

Director, Consulting