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Finding solutions in an evolving ESG landscape

As the demand for change continues to grow, we’re supporting our clients to innovate and implement sustainability initiatives

Organisations are feeling the heat. It's being felt across the planet as well. Climate change presents a range of risks from disrupted supply chains and higher insurance costs to labour challenges. Our clients’ operations, workforces, and workplaces will all be impacted if they don’t act now.

Over the past year, we have joined with clients across industries and sectors to support them on their journey to a more sustainable future. We understand that every business is at a different stage of maturity when it comes to sustainability and that a just transition, recognising individual perspectives, is key to success. 

Our CxO Sustainability Survey gathered the views of more than 2,000 C-suite executives across 21 countries and found that over 79% see the world at a tipping point and recognise the need for immediate action, with 62% saying that company operations will be impacted “very highly” by climate change over the next three years.

We’ve heard the same message from our clients in Ireland, who recognise not only the risk but also the opportunity in moving towards more sustainable business models. However, when facing a monumental shift, one of the hardest things to identify is the starting point.

Our sustainability professionals take a practical and business-focused approach to helping companies build sustainability into their strategy and operations in ways which improve and protect margins, build brand value, and enhance risk resilience with the goal of supporting business growth 

Climate and decarbonisation

We’ve worked with some of Ireland’s most recognisable companies to bring clarity, offer solutions and support the implementation of climate and decarbonisation initiatives. 

One of these clients is a high-growth global technology company, which believes that ESG offers an opportunity to drive growth and impact but needed support in developing a best-in-class ambition that would shape its corporate strategy.

From competitor benchmarking to facilitating internal workshops, we were able to help them to articulate their vision, define priorities and align key stakeholders before moving forward to product development and the creation of an actionable ESG roadmap. 

Sustainable finance

Ireland’s financial sector is a leader in sustainable finance, with growing awareness that taking ESG factors into account when making investment decisions can have a positive impact not only on the planet, but also for investors.

One of our clients in this space is a global sustainable packaging firm, which engaged us to perform a readiness assessment of their allocation of net proceeds in respect of their 2020 Green Financing Framework (Green Bond).

From this assessment, we produced a confidential management report setting out the company’s preparedness for a formal limited assurance engagement, and recommendations for enhancement.

Reporting and assurance

In an ever-changing regulatory environment and amid widespread scrutiny around greenwashing, it is increasingly important for businesses to be able to provide clarity around their operations from a sustainability perspective.

Governance, ESG due diligence, and developing a key understanding of climate-related financial and emissions reporting are three key steps that a business can take to protect its reputation and ensure that its sustainability strategy is having a meaningful impact.

Recently, we joined with a large multinational technology company in the first phase of its journey to identifying and implementing ESG reporting requirements for its operations across EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Our teams supported the company by developing a roadmap which identified and summarised their ESG reporting requirements for each jurisdiction, helping to ensure there were no gaps in planning. 

With increasing pressure from investors, regulators, governments, consumers, and the talent market, action on climate and sustainability has become an imperative for every organisation, and we are playing a vital role in supporting our clients through the transition.

Key Contacts

Laura Wadding

Partner, Risk Advisory & Sustainability Leader