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Driving digital transformation forward

As uncertainty prevails, we’re supporting clients adapt their strategies with digital at the core

Backed by technologies in which we’ve invested, relationships we have built and innovation we have nurtured, Deloitte practitioners are constantly bringing technology-driven solutions to clients to support them in building a better future.

We are living in a time of huge uncertainty – economic uncertainty, geopolitical uncertainty, and even social uncertainty with existential climate crisis and ongoing social unrest. The past two years have brought challenges and complexities for all organisations as they were forced to quickly adapt and flex into new ways of working and a rapidly changing world responding to changing customer demands. Technology played an integral role in how organisations survived, and in many cases enabled them to thrive.  

Emerging from the pandemic, organisations have become more focused and are taking their opportunities to reinvent how they engage customers, operate and scale their operations to engineer a resilient and growth led business.

While digital transformation was a strategic priority for many businesses, it has rapidly elevated to become a critical priority, and we’re supporting our clients to navigate the choices, architect the solutions and deliver on the opportunities presented. 

We are seeing (and supporting) our clients mobilise transformations across some key sectors with specific critical challenges.

We see a continuing Digital Revolution of Ecommerce where the fusion of physical and digital experiences will accelerate even further. Our clients are focused on creating a seamless buyer experience with a laser focus on executing fulfilment as efficiently as possible. We are partnering with a client in the retail sector to support them redesign their ecommerce customer experience through building scale and agility across their technology stack.

In the financial services industry, the Insurance sector is playing catch up, but insurers are moving quickly to invest in more agile modular technology architectures that will deliver a more scalable and efficient operating model. Ultimately this allows insurers bring new products to market at speed, offering more consumer choice, and helping strengthen brand recognition, which in turn deepens customer loyalty. 

We are working with a Global Insurer to build a digital ecosystem that is underpinned by the principles of delivering scale, rapidly bringing product to market while keeping a clear focus on experience and business value. We worked with InsurTech provider FINEOS to evolve and improve products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

In the public sector the acceleration of digital transformation has been at the forefront when considering the government’s response to the pandemic. A spotlight has been put on the need to streamline services and find ways to short circuit the delivery of services to the public by designing and rapidly deploying self-service experiences and back end automation of processes. We supported The Department of Social Protection deliver Pandemic Unemployment Payments to more than 605,000 people in a single week at its peak, demonstrating huge agility and innovation.

We’ve also supported more broadly across the public sector, automating processes through the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Framework. Through our work with the Health Service Executive (HSE), the Department of Social Protection and the Revenue Commissioners & Department of Education, we’ve processed almost 1 million transactions automatically. By removing repetitive tasks from the workload, we’ve reduced the administrative burden on staff by 110,000+ hours and delivered 360 hours of training to relevant people. 

With digital transformation comes heightened cyber security risks. Deloitte cyber is helping clients build smarter, faster and more connected futures with human insight, technological innovation and comprehensive bespoke solutions. Cyber crime is a borderless threat, and our leading global network provides us with unique insight and experience to support our clients in managing the increased cyber threat by developing more secure and resilient digital ecosystems and provision of advanced detect and respond services.

Digital transformation is already playing a central role in shaping our future. Although uncertainty prevails, we continue to support organisations seize the opportunities to reinvent customer engagement and grow and scale their businesses through digital adoption.

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Yvonne Byrne

Partner, Consulting