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Sustainability & Climate

Guiding organizations towards a more sustainable future

We are there with you each step of the way—connecting from the very beginning with insight-driven strategy, culminating in the transformation necessary to create value and long-term sustainability for your business and stakeholders to thrive. 

Climate change risks—setting the pace for sustainable business

How you respond to climate risks and opportunities can set the tone for the business for years to come. As part the Deloitte Global Sustainability & Climate practice, our Risk Advisory professionals help clients to understand what environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) mean to their organization, how to identify and analyze the trade-offs, and address the issues that are important to their business and stakeholders.

With more than 20 years of experience in sustainability services, we can provide end-to-end solutions to meaningfully embed sustainability and climate considerations into your operations to build brand value, improve and protect margins, and enhance risk resilience. Whether you are trying to measure the impact of your value chain, accelerate your transformation to net-zero, build a more responsible supply chain, or report on your sustainability achievements, we have the innovative approaches, digital solutions, and deep-industry experience to map your way forward.

Together, we can rewrite the playbook on authentic organizational responsibility.

Our Services

Our Spotlight Services


Deloitte has created a comprehensive digital regulatory management platform that combines technology with ​human intelligence. This perspective can enhance the way organizations interpret regulations, set targets, and structure, source, and manage compliance.

This exclusive regulatory tool allows companies to:​

  • SENSE – by finding emerging global S&C regulations, so they know what’s coming​
  • UNDERSTAND – by determining what is applicable now and how it evolves on a daily basis​
  • COMPLY – by helping companies implement and adhere to regulations​
Data management

Deloitte helps clients create a single source of truth around their sustainability performance. Centralizing and connecting data so it's there when you need it offers a clear view of your commitments—and that's the key to making data-led decisions with confidence.

A single source of truth allows companies to:​

  • Comply with regulations​
  • Report to stakeholders, auditors, and customers​
  • Make informed, data-led decisions about capital allocation, investments, M&A opportunities, operations, purchasing, and more​
  • Identify opportunities to differentiate their products based on green credentials and energy efficiency
Technology solutions

To help, Deloitte’s Sustainable by Design approach brings together our deep S&C advisory experience and world-class technology capabilities, aligned to SAP.​

Deloitte offers SAP customers sustainability strategies and solutions in five key areas:

Key industries

Financial services will be central to funding the climate transition. No industry will be exempt from regulatory considerations around sustainable finance. That’s why we focus initially on financial services to help organizations identify, assess, and implement the most pressing issues and opportunities as they invest in their S&C transitions.

We work with clients to address:​

  • Strategy & Net Zero Strategy​
  • Classification & Scoring (Taxonomy)​
  • Risk Integration
  • Products​
  • Reporting & Disclosure​
  • Data Management & Analytics ​
Adaptation & Resilience

Deloitte helps to enable appropriate responses—placing downward pressure on risks, and upward support for opportunities.

Organizations can access an integrated service across:​

  • RISK – by transitioning and enhancing multi-sector climate risk and risk assessments
  • RESILIENCE – by supporting organizations through nature-based solutions to climate change
  • ADAPTATION – by creating synergies between disaster risk reduction and adaptation​

Our thinking

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Insights on connecting trust, resilience, and security to create enduring success and responsible business.

Deloitte has been recognized as a Leader in Verdantix Green Quadrant: Climate Change Consulting 2023

Deloitte's cutting-edge Omnia ESG Module allows our professionals to easily evaluate and benchmark client disclosures against leading global standards.

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