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From Emissions To Ambition

The strategy and science of carbon-cutting

Food manufacturing is one of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas contributors. Maple Leaf Foods decided to be a part of the solution—by decarbonizing its operations and supply chain through data-driven, targeted action

A GreenLight to a better future 

Maple Leaf Foods’ path to carbon neutral was empowered by Decarbonization Solutions, a Deloitte technology asset that enabled the organization to set net-zero goals, identify initiatives for carbon reduction, create a roadmap, analyze the data and monitor progress in real time. This technology is incorporated in GreenLight Solution, an end-to-end decarbonization software tool that helps unlock a clear, actionable path to net-zero emissions that can be deployed by organizations across a wide range of industries and sectors. 

GreenLight, built on a leading-edge cloud AI platform, can accurately calculate emissions and evaluate decarbonization projects using a dataset of over 150,000 emissions factors, benchmarks, and abatement metrics. It can also drive the financial benefits that come from net-zero initiatives, identifying tax credits and incentives from a global incentives hub covering 16,000 programs, in 70 countries by category, solution, or geography.

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Click on the link to find out how your organization can chart its own path towards net-zero with GreenLight

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"We became one of the first animal protein companies in the world to get science-based targets set. And then we had to find ways to produce our food more efficiently with fewer resources."

- Randy Huffman, Chief Food Safety and Sustainability Officer, Maple Leaf Foods.

People who made this possible

Bevin Arnason

Global Consulting Sustainability & Climate Leader – Commercial

Jennifer Steinmann

Global Sustainability & Climate Practice Leader | Principal