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Deloitte Private

Connecting aspiration to expertise 

Global private companies are one of the economic drivers of the world’s growth, workforce, and innovation. Encompassing the agility of leading entrepreneurs, through to the long-term view of some of the world’s oldest organizations, Deloitte Private’s purpose is to connect aspiration to expertise.

Your business is personal. Your advice should be Private.

Is your private company ready to thrive in a disrupted market? Or are you planning the next step for your family enterprise? 

With each challenge there is opportunity. From start-up to growth, transformation and succession, our team is with you each step of the way. You can access one door to the very best of Deloitte with insights and tailored solutions for the world's leading private enterprises. Work with Deloitte Private to put a spotlight on opportunity, growth and impact. 

We drive prosperity with the leaders of today and tomorrow. To make better futures for all. Explore our Global Network.

Explore Deloitte Private services

Audit & Assurance  

Deloitte Private’s Audit & Assurance practice is positioned to provide confidence amid complexity and change, and to transform your audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.   

Tax & Legal

Proactive prevention of wealth erosion requires the ongoing review of legal and tax arrangements. Deloitte Private delivers this to companies and individuals, helping to see that aspects of wealth generation, protection, and transfer are conducted as effectively as possible. 


Deloitte Private’s consulting practitioners can help imagine, deliver, and lead to innovate and transform businesses. We collaborate with entrepreneurs and private businesses to improve and grow through each milestone.   

Finance Advisory

Deloitte Private helps clients unlock and create solutions that can sustain value in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, forensics, value creation services, analytics and data applications, economics, valuations, and modeling.  

Risk Advisory

Many leading private companies understand that risk can be a source of competitive advantage. By managing risk better, these organizations can unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for stakeholders, including family-owners, entrepreneurs, and their investors.  

Digital in motion 

Digital transformation can be an essential growth strategy for private business leaders. Explore the advantages and key enablers private companies have at their disposal to accelerate this transformation.

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Deciding the career for you is more than simply “landing the job.” It’s finding a place where you know you make a difference each day, where you can be your most authentic self. It’s choosing your impact.

Entrepreneur Summit 

Connect to what is possible

The Entrepreneur Summit transports attendees beyond today, towards a prosperous and achievable tomorrow. Learn how this exclusive networking event inspires and empowers business leaders to think boldly, move confidently, and harness sage advice from global leaders.