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Shaping the board’s strategic direction on climate

We are in a decisive decade to accelerate action against climate change. Choices made over the next decade will impact the world for centuries to come. Board members have stewardship obligations that include taking action to address climate change within their organization and beyond.

    The Chairperson’s Guides Series

    Deloitte, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum as a strategic partner and the Climate Governance Initiative, is proud to equip chairs and board directors with the knowledge to lead organizations towards a sustainable future. Each guide tackles a different element of the journey, outlining key risks and opportunities, as well as key questions for boards. 


    The Chairperson’s Guide to Valuing Nature

    Although all business depends on nature, businesses have historically undervalued and overlooked nature, leading to its degradation. Published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Climate Governance Initiative and Deloitte, The Chairperson’s Guide to Valuing Nature explores the risks of nature’s degradation and opportunities of restoring nature. 

    Outlines key steps to assist chairs incorporate nature as core to business strategy, including questions for chairs to use to navigate nature conversations in the boardroom and with executive leaders.

    Watch a recording of a panel discussion with Sharon Thorne, Chair of Deloitte Global; Michel M. Liѐs, Chair of Zurich Insurance Group; Thomas Thune Andersen, Chair of Ørsted A/S; and Akanksha Khatri, Head of Nature and Biodiversity at the World Economic Forum.

    The Chairperson’s Guide to a Just Transition

    The just transition is both a principle and process that aims to address the fact that climate-driven economic change may disrupt, transform, or eliminate entire industries, workforces and professions. A just transition is not a ‘nice-to-have’ or a discretionary extra–it is a critical part of enabling change to occur.

    Published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Climate Governance Initiative and Deloitte, this guide provides a summary overview of the Chair’s Guide to Realizing Value from a Just Transition.

    Published by Deloitte, the aim of this paper is to provide corporate board members with an overview of the just transition and why it is essential in shaping corporate strategy.

    The Chairperson’s Perspective

    Climate change is a global emergency. One that will impact every person on Earth, and a challenge which will require collaboration across the public, private and financial sectors to address. Business leaders play a crucial role in the transition to a net-zero economy and are uniquely positioned to leverage their resources to collaborate and innovate on sustainability solutions across industries and disciplines.

    Deloitte collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Climate Governance Initiative

    The Climate Governance Initiative (CGI) is driven by a community of Non-Executive Directors focused on making climate a boardroom priority, building on the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate Governance

    Join a Chapter: Find and contact your local CGI Chapter to join our growing network.