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Human Capital Trends: Through a Workday Lens 2023

Global Human Capital Trends: New Fundamentals for a Boundaryless World

What differentiates Workday as the leading cloud-based solution for improving ways for people to work? Discover Workday's Future of Work outlook based on the Deloitte 2023 Human Capital Trends report.

The Fundamentals

To lead in a boundaryless world, organizations and workers should activate their curiosity, looking at each decision as an experiment that will expedite impact and generate new insights. The following trends exemplify what it means to think like a researcher:

  • Navigating the end of jobs
  • Powering human impact with technology
  • Activating the future of the workplace

The dissolution of boundaries calls on organizations and workers to chart a different path, cocreating their relationship in pursuit of new and evolving purpose, innovation, and re-imagination. The following trends exemplify where organizations and workers must co-create their relationship:

  • Negotiating worker date
  • Harnessing worker agency
  • Unlocking the workforce ecosystem 

Organizations should create an impact not only for their businesses, their workers, and their shareholders but also for broader society. The following trends illustrate how organizations and workers are prioritizing human outcomes:

  • Taking bold action for equitable outcomes
  • Advancing the human element of sustainability
  • Elevating the focus on human risk

Human Capital Trends: Through a Workday Lens

  • Navigating the end of jobs – Through a single platform, users can apply analytics to spot skills gaps across the organization, accelerate the hiring process by quickly identifying top applicants, and deliver personalized reskilling programs to close internal talent gaps.
  • Powering human impact with technology – Workday can enhance experiences across HR by using AI and machine learning to augment human capabilities and enhance human and team performance.
  • Activating the future of the workplace – Workday delivers personalized learning, information, and support all in the flow of work, whether on-site, off-site, or at home. 
  • Negotiating worker data – Workday delivers a full suite across workforce planning, reporting, and analytics to deliver mutually beneficial data-driven insights that can help workers and organizations to transform. 
  • Harnessing worker agency – Workday delivers a best-in-class experience with Workday Journeys, Workday Help, and Workday Peakon Employee Voice – these features enable organizations to listen to the voice of the employee and keep a pulse on their needs and expectations.
  • Unlocking the workforce ecosystem – Workday and VNDLY, a Workday company, together can simplify the end-to-end lifecycle of contingent labor and statement of work (SOW). Together, Workday and VNDLY can enable a fluid talent strategy.
  • Taking bold action for equitable outcomes – Workday provides a real-time view of talent, leadership, and cultural outcomes that span the entire employee lifecycle and reflect the unique lived experiences of all employees. Workday pinpoints indicators that contribute to those outcomes and provides the tools to take action and create positive change.
  • Advancing the human element of sustainability – With Workday Adaptive Planning and built-in solutions from Deloitte, leaders can measure the impact of climate risk on their businesses, develop actionable plans to reduce their emissions, and ensure that their workers have the green skills needed to put these plans into action.
  • Elevating the focus on human risk – Workday Peakon Employee Voice empowers organizations and leaders to understand and mitigate human risks by listening to the voice of employees, understanding what matters most to them, and taking appropriate actions quickly.

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