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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Forecast years into the future, get ahead of trends, and price customer plans more effectively—with an integrated intelligent solution for pricing analytics, leveraging SAP technology and help from Deloitte.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry group brings together one of the world’s largest pools of deep industry experts – respected for helping shape some of the world’s most recognized TMT brands and helping companies of all shapes and sizes thrive in a digital world.

Pricing telco plans proactively

Forecast, simulate, and craft price plans based on big data and intelligent insights

The pressure to diversify remains high, to avoid “dumb pipe” risks— with opportunities extending to IoT, content, and B2B services. In traditional services, regulation, commoditization, and market saturation continue at pace. And the approach of the next capital