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Global security

Threats come in many sizes and forms, including geopolitical instability, crime, natural disasters, and global pandemics. The past year presented multiple challenges that had the potential to threaten the safety of people around the globe. Geopolitical and other risks continued to emerge and evolve, including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and multiple natural disasters. The Deloitte Global Security Office (GSO) collaborates with Deloitte firms worldwide to help keep Deloitte people safe, particularly during times of emergency or when Deloitte firms are called upon by clients to work in higher-risk areas.


2023 Global Impact Report

Building better futures

Keeping Deloitte people safe

Staying on top of world events and identifying potential threats is key to our Deloitte Global Security strategy. In the event of an unexpected crisis, the GSO team is ready to respond quickly by coordinating closely with local Deloitte firms to help account for the safety of their people and provide necessary relief while minimizing the impact to Deloitte business operations. 

In the event of an emergency while traveling overseas, Deloitte people have access to a 24-hour service delivered by a leading emergency medical and security provider. This service connects Deloitte people to medical services, security advice, and country-specific guidance while they are traveling internationally. During FY2023, the GSO team responded to more than 200 requests for medical assistance, including several critical emergency evacuations.

The war in Ukraine and political instability

As the war in Ukraine continues through a second year, Deloitte Global continues to provide support to Deloitte Ukraine’s people and practice. This includes daily monitoring of impacts from the war, contingency planning, and regular update calls with Deloitte Ukraine’s Managing Partner as part of Deloitte Global’s response efforts. Our global emergency communications system has been used regularly to conduct wellness checks and to issue emergency messages to confirm the safety of our Ukraine-based Deloitte people following major attacks.

Recent developments around the world highlight the ongoing importance of business continuity planning in Deloitte’s preparation and ability to respond to crisis events impacting our people and business operations. As of July 2023, all Deloitte firms and Deloitte Global Operations have been certified under ISO 22301, the leading international business continuity standard.

Additional highlights for FY2023

  • The GSO team worked with more than 500 engagement teams and travelers to provide security briefings and design comprehensive security plans for client support in higher-risk locations.
  • On-site crisis management workshops were conducted for Deloitte firms in Europe and the Americas.
  • As the threat of potential energy shortages emerged, the GSO team established cross-functional working groups with Deloitte firms to assess the risks and develop business continuity plans.
  • The GSO completed virtual webinars and training programs for Deloitte internal security and resilience professionals to raise awareness and understanding of business continuity planning.
  • Additionally, the GSO team is in the process of rolling out an enhanced global emergency communication platform with additional capabilities.


Ava Cooper-Davis
Deloitte Global Chief Security Officer

Sean Toohey
Deloitte Global Deputy Chief Security Officer

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