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Transform workforce experience with Deloitte and ServiceNow

A reimagined workplace start by elevating human experiences.​ Deloitte and ServiceNow bring specialist knowledge across digital business and human capital ​to help build the foundation for a connected, happy and productive workforce.

Reimagine the workforce experience powered by Deloitte and ServiceNow

Today’s workplace is digital—and in this quickly changing world of work, enhancing workforce experience is key to future-proofing the enterprise and driving meaningful business value. Learn how Deloitte and ServiceNow are transforming the workforce experience and enabling the new world of work.

Connect the digital workplace with speed, scale and insight

Deloitte and ServiceNow bring expertise across digital business and human capital ​to help build the foundation for a connected, happy and productive workforce. ​Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow can help organisations enhance worker experiences—future-proofing the enterprise and driving meaningful business value with a suite of proprietary frameworks, prebuilt accelerators and tools.

Revolutionising the workforce: Exploring AI-driven innovations and the future of work

In changing world of work, many organisations likely struggle to provide consistent worker experiences...

  • Manual processes and disparate solutions: Siloed internal departments introduce friction and redundancies—can result in frustrated workers, wasted time and lost value.​ 
  • Lack of self-service options: When workers need information or help, they often don’t know who they can turn to, and they may have to contact multiple departments to reach someone who can help.
  • Fragmented journeys: Multiple tools and strategies for hiring, onboarding, career pathing, lifecycle events and departures create inconsistent, frustrating experiences for workers. 

As a leading Global Employee Workflow Partner, Deloitte brings deep ServiceNow implementation experience coupled with extensive human capital specialist knowledge to help enable Deloitte clients to transform their digital experience.

...helping enhance workforce experience can be key to future-proofing the enterprise and driving meaningful business value:

  • Human-centred design: Shape the moments that matter—and the moments in between—with a holistic approach to work.​ 
  • Consistent experiences: Transform company culture to identify, support and enhance desired worker outcomes. 
  • A connected, digital workplace: Integrate Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), finance, legal, procurement and workplace services into a single platform to streamline workers’ journeys.

By prioritising the employee experience, organisations can benefit from the productivity gains and innovations that result from a happy and more engaged workforce that can work from anywhere. 

Deloitte and ServiceNow’s digital-first approach help to reduce enterprise-wide friction by reimagining manual, siloed processes as intuitive, streamlined workflows. Streamline workers’ journeys with a single platform that combines:

  • Accelerated onboarding: Automate talent acquisition, onboarding and career pathing to streamline the attraction and acclimation of new hires, helping them to become more productive, more quickly.
  • Modern journeys: Increase value while reducing effort with resources like Deloitte’s TalenTrace™, an adaptable solution for everything from talent sourcing to security systems and onboarding.
  • Enhanced worker outcomes: Simplify the disparate collection of tools workers use every day with a unified architecture of digital workplace solutions and workflows that foster target outcomes.
  • End-to-end vision: Leverage Deloitte’s unique capabilities in human capital, technology and service delivery to shape the moments that matter and design the workforce experience.
  • Unified self-service platform: Align your HR, IT, finance, procurement, legal and workplace services with a self-service portal that helps to eliminate repetitive tasks and redundant ticketing systems.
  • Improved security: Prevent governance hazards with a centralised strategy for processing NDAs, recovering assets, retaining knowledge and managing access during hiring and departures.

Discover the power of Workforce Experience transformation

Organisations in the top quartile of Workforce Experience empower workers, inspire innovation and drive productivity. These organisations are one-point-six times more likely to achieve better customer outcomes and 25% more profitable than competitors in the bottom quartile. Learn how ServiceNow and Deloitte are delivering for our clients.

A unified package: A consumer packaged goods organisation implements holistic HR platform

Large-scale consumer packaged goods supplier 

Key challenges:
Fragmented solutions, some modernised, others legacy — lacked integration

The CPG organisation had selected a cloud-based, human capital management (HCM) solution and had previously adopted a software-as-a-service application that provided a self-service and case management portal. However, stakeholders realised that this dual solution did not fulfil their HR transformation goals and required too much customisation. In short, the company was adding to its technical debt when the overall objective was to reduce it.

Aligned its cloud-based HCM solution with ServiceNow

By aligning the HCM solution with the ServiceNow platform, the CPG company was better positioned to provide workers with end-to-end holistic processes to enhance their experiences — starting with onboarding and continuing throughout their careers. 

Key outcomes:

  • HR service delivery now self-directed and user-friendly 
  • Increased employee satisfaction, which can be tracked and measured
  • Increased efficiency of HR personnel to support transactions and, in turn, ability to focus on higher-value activities 
  • Employees can access HR services 24 x 7 — through mobile, chat or web channels

Modern HR: Financial services company unifies employee HR experience

Global financial services organisation 

Key challenges: 
Legacy HR infrastructure prohibited employee engagement and efficiencies

A much larger IT vendor acquired the HR platform the organisation had deployed and, over the years, the HR platform became less strategic to that vendor, which resulted in reduced investment in new features and functionality. The system had fallen behind, leaving the financial services provider with an HR technical infrastructure that was low on the digitisation maturity scale. Many processes required manual intervention from HR personnel, which added costs and took up a great deal of time. 

Deployed the ServiceNow cloud-based solution for employee engagement and HR case management.

The new HR system provided an enhanced experience for employees. It is easier for employees to find the information they previously had to ferret out. The knowledge base includes the employee’s region, business unit and individual situation, so it can tailor the information it presents. In addition, moving from on-premises HR software to a unified platform in the cloud has provided benefits. For example, the new system is much simpler and less expensive to manage, in large part because there are no facilities, cooling equipment or servers to maintain.

Key outcomes:

  • Self-service portal provides employees with one-stop shop for HR services 
  • Knowledge base is personalised for individuals
  • Cost efficiencies achieved with simpler maintenance and management 
  • HR leaders now able to track and manage agent workloads

Transformed HR experience provides multiple benefits for healthcare products organisation

Multinational healthcare services, pharmaceutical and medical products company 

Key challenges:
Using a legacy system that slowed HR’s capabilities

HR personnel were overwhelmed. The company was using a legacy IT ticketing system that had not been built for HR functionality and lacked the capabilities to handle sensitive legal issues. Plus, the volume of requests was growing so quickly that the organisation had to hire additional HR personnel to keep up with employee demand.

Implemented ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform 

The solution provided case management, knowledge management and an employee service centre portal. A persona-based design enabled the HR technology systems to accommodate different personas within the company to meet specific needs across the enterprise. 

Key outcomes:

  •  Established an intuitive, easy-to-navigate employee portal with self- service functionality
  •  Calls to the HR support centre decreased more than 50%
  •  Streamlined HR’s catalogue of support services from 250 to 32
  •  Employees and HR now able to track individual cases

Energy company transforms HR for unified processes and user experiences

Global oil and gas company 

Key challenges:
Legacy HR processes and technology

The company had more than 25 separate HR portals, without a unified process or single place for employees to go for additional information. Plus, the fragmentation made it difficult to obtain reports and reliable data for decision-making and setting workforce strategy. There was no single source of HR truth. In addition, the culture itself was resistant to change and to adopting agile methodologies.

HR digital transformation with ServiceNow

ServiceNow provided an end-to-end digital experience by enabling intake, movement and measurement of employee interactions via a unified HR portal and case management solution. Deloitte designed the customised portal to include employee campaigns, knowledge articles, virtual agent chat and a service catalogue to drive self-service functionality. 

Key outcomes:

  •  A reduction in service centre calls, thanks to virtual agents 
  •  A consistent, consumer-gradient employee experience in a global, unified platform
  •  Improved HR workflows for end-to-end case tracking and management
  •  Rapid insights and data availability for decision-makers

Embrace the potential of the skills-based organisation

During uncertain times, it is more important than ever to have a strong workforce - the right people with the right skills equipped with the right tools. As the workplace and the technologies that support it continue to evolve, a skills gap is inevitable. The question is not how to avoid the skills gap, but how to bridge and cross it while moving toward a new approach: the skills-based organisation. Learn how Deloitte and ServiceNow can help organisations to support skills-building and skills-based people decisions as well as to rethink hiring, technology and leadership during uncertain times.

Walk away with:

  • How your organisation can begin to rethink hiring, technology and leadership during economic downturns
  • How to prioritise skills in this evolving space
  • Equipping the right people in the right roles with the tools to succeed
  • How to support skills-building and skills-based people decisions


  • Madeline Laurano - Founder, Aptitude Research (Moderator)
  • Gary Cole - US & Global - Principal, Human Capital Technology, Deloitte
  • Daniel Chee - APAC - Director & ServiceNow Human Capital Lead, APAC region, Deloitte
  • Jeffrey Gore - US & Global - VP Product Marketing, Employee Workflows, ServiceNow
  • Scott Cresswell - APAC - Executive, People & Culture, Crombie Lockwood

The concept of a quantified organisation focuses on strategically measuring what an organisation should, not just what it can. To achieve this, organisations can harness new data sources and leverage AI to drive worker and business goals. In this episode, host Burt Rea is joined by Michael Griffiths and ServiceNow’s Heather Jerrehian to discuss the transition to a skills-based organisation—exploring how skills data can help organisations better understand their workforce’s strengths, build strategies to close talent gaps and enhance the employee experience.

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