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FastForward EX powered by ServiceNow

Ignite the future of work with a modern digital workplace.

FastForward EX powered by ServiceNow unites technology and HR strategy. With our modular implementation, you can quickly address your organisational priorities—and progress employee experiences from good to great.

Unlock productivity while enhancing experiences

To deliver on workers’ expectations and give productivity back to the business, organisations need design thinking that aligns the work, the workplace and the workforce. 

Benefit from Deloitte’s thought leadership and ServiceNow’s capabilities to support the modern workplace—with leading HR transformation practices, technologies and next-gen process design.

Quickly build momentum and increase agility

We will help you to implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) with a robust set of features and functionality, including tools for managing cases, knowledge, documents and workflow processes.

Our approach allows organisations to quickly boost productivity and innovation with agile sprints, so you can gain meaningful capabilities in weeks, not months.

Get deeper insights with advanced analytics

With our best-practice methodology—backed by human-centred design—we help organisations prepare for the disruptions of the future. 

We quickly deploy pre-developed survey templates so you can gain real insights into your workforce. And by applying business intelligence, automation and data insights, you can be more responsive to changing needs.

As economic pressures loom, organisations are feeling the imperative  to do more with less—but as work continues to be more enhanced with technology, fragmented systems and tools are creating costly inefficiencies. 

Many businesses rely on an ecosystem of legacy tools and processes that leave employees spending up to 40% of their time looking for the information they need to do their jobs—doing work about work. Meanwhile, HR resources are spending as much as 57% of their time on administrative tasks. 

Workers are frustrated with these difficult-to-navigate ecosystems, but that’s not all—the resulting productivity losses can have a significant impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

For organisations to deliver on the promise of streamlined experiences while also improving efficiency, they must strike a balance between investing in the right technologies and putting the workforce at the centre of design.

With FastForward EX, you can provide a one-stop shop for workers that enhances experiences, offers personalised guidance and empowers well-being. 

It comes preconfigured with the functionality, processes and workflows needed to transform your workforce’s digital experience. This enables organisations to “fast forward” the conversation, quickly moving through basic design decisions to concentrate on the critical modifications required for a successful go-live experience.  

As a result, organisations can implement ServiceNow HRSD more quickly, boosting productivity and efficiency at speed while delivering a streamlined employee experience. And by integrating with select collaboration platforms and your existing systems of record, we help to enable sharing and collaboration capabilities. 

  • Speed to value
    Reduce overall design, development, deployment and costs  by accelerating the implementation timeline. More time to focus on higher-value opportunities (and must-have localisations) rather than starting from scratch.
  • A unified platform
    Provide your workforce with one primary platform to maximise the company’s technology investments, streamline workflows, increase knowledge sharing and enable better insights.
  • Transform the workforce experience
    Provide your workforce with personalised digital experiences at work that are on par with the experiences they have outside of work. Enable your workers to work from anywhere, at any time and from any device - with ease.
  • Improve operational effectiveness
    FastForward EX provides a platform to improve HR operational effectiveness and a path to migrate to a leading practice operating model through enabling technology practices and automation.
  • Drive productivity and revenue growth
    Companies in the top quartile of workforce experience are 25% more profitable than competitors in the bottom quartile. Create a streamlined experience to remain competitive. Organisations with highly engaged workers experience a 3-year revenue growth rate 2.3 times greater than average.
  • Commonly used HR services designed to align with Core Human Capital Management (HCM) processes 
  • Consumer gradient, single-entry portal with AI-enabled search that exceeds today’s best-in-class User Experience and Employee Experience standards 
  • Personalised guidance and attention to employees and HR through research-based HR service catalogue and intuitive knowledge functionalities
  • Real-time, robust reporting and dashboard functionalities designed to measure HR performance operationally and strategically
  • Onboarding and Offboarding lifecycle events that employees can leverage to mimic human actions
  • Catalogue of pre-packaged and commonly used integrations that can be leveraged as a template to provide data and insights
  • Seamless integration with leading core HCM solutions to provide HR agents and HR managers with increased insight and proactive management

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Unleash the Power of a Connected, Productive Digital Workplace

With a platform built for speed, proven experience driving change across stakeholders and a commitment to be one step ahead, Deloitte and ServiceNow unite technology and human capabilities in a way that few can.

Our services

As work becomes increasingly dispersed across organisations, the labour market more competitive and teams more connected, building a digital workplace on par with the experiences workers have as consumers is an essential part of your business strategy. The more mature the digital environment, the more your business can elevate the workforce experience, drive successful outcomes and maximise resiliency for years to come. Investing in the digital workplace helps you to create an environment in which employees can thrive—and your business can become future-proof.

Today’s workplace is digital—and in this quickly changing world of work, enhancing workforce experience is key to driving meaningful business value. Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow are transforming the workforce experience and enabling the new world of work. A reimagined workplace starts by elevating human experiences. With our deep expertise across digital business and human capital, we’re helping organisations build the foundation for a more connected, engaged and productive workforce.

Innovative GBS leaders are embracing the opportunity to unite functional silos across HR, legal, finance and procurement— streamlining user experiences and driving service intelligence across the organisation. With GBS on Now, Deloitte and ServiceNow help organisations accelerate the transformation journey. By adopting a growth mindset and a focus on business impact, you’ll provide excellent experiences and deliver services faster— while powering innovation and continuous improvement.

Legal departments are critical to executing successful business strategy. But today’s legal teams manage more requests, regulations and administrative work than ever before. Legal needs a new approach to truly optimise the world of legal work. With Legal Service Delivery, Deloitte and ServiceNow turn legal request management into your advantage—and enable complete visibility from intake to insight.

In this new era of work, you’ll find the inflection point between talent retention and flexible working at the point where people and places connect. Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow help leading organisations unlock their digital workplace potential by optimising their real estate footprints, operating models and enabling technologies.