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Increasing your control

We help you control and manage all your contractual business relationships to improve effectiveness and unlock value throughout their lifecycle.

A distinctive and pragmatic perspective on your contracting challenges

We believe that every organisation should have visibility and knowledge over their contracts and that contract data should be a tool to deliver enhanced value. Too often, businesses are grappling with a complex contracting landscape that is hard to navigate. Contracts are passed through many hands, supported by inconsistent and inadequate processes, resulting in poor contract data. Collectively this leads to a lack of clarity and loss of value.

But there is a way forward.

At Deloitte Legal, we have brought together a blend of experts in a purpose-built team, united by the shared vision and belief in the future of contracts. A team whose experience spans all aspects of the contracting lifecycle—from regulated legal advisors and deal negotiators, to contract transformation professionals, dispute specialists and skilled operational contract and commercial managers—underpinned by leading digital knowledge and technology. A team with the industry and enterprise-wide expertise to delve deeper and bring a new perspective to your contracting challenges.

Cohesive, enterprise-wide, end-to-end process knowledge and understanding

Get it together. Helping you to take control of your contracts to unlock the hidden value in your business.

The ROI of contracting excellence

Companies are losing an estimated 8.6% of their earnings a year due to contract value erosion. There can be little doubt that contracting excellence offers a compelling return on investment, yet it depends on a multi-functional response that is achieved only through sustained executive focus.