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A new deal for mobility in Belgium

The Future of Mobility

The way we move from A to B is changing. Converging forces are disrupting the transport ecosystem faster than ever before, bringing unprecedented opportunities (and challenges) to actors across the public and private sectors. Electrification of vehicles, the rise of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and autonomous and connected technologies are shaping the Future of Mobility.

Deloitte’s Future of Mobility team

Deloitte’s Future of Mobility team helps public and private sector clients to imagine the future, define their strategy and implement new mobility solutions. We offer expertise across strategy, regulation, digital, innovation, supply chain and sustainability to help our clients become leaders in the evolving mobility ecosystem.

Securing the future of mobility

Addressing cyber risk in autonomous vehicles and beyond­ ­ Connected and self-driving cars bring the potential of increasing ease, comfort and efficiency, whilst reducing the risks of driving. But making the new mobility ecosystem secure and resilient means tackling an ever-expanding range of cybersecurity issues, as innovations expose automakers, providers, and passengers to potential data governance, privacy and safety risks.­ ­ Read in our special report on where the risks could lie and a potential path forward to address cyber risk in self-driving cars and beyond

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What does smart urban mobility look like, city-by-city? How are global cities faring so far? Learn the steps that cities can take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades.

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For the past 10 years, Deloitte has surveyed consumers around the world to identify trends in the automotive industry across countries and generations. Explore the latest data and insights around automotive consumer trends in our 2020 Global Automotive Consumer Study.

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It was great to see some 600 key decision makers from private and public sector coming together to tackle sustainable smart mobility solutions at the ITS Congress on 03 October. Deloitte was proud to present our vision to enable MaaS in Belgium and which challenges we still face in terms of integration. Our experience in powering the Smart Mobility Call, an initiative by Minister Bellot and Minister De Backer, was presented and discussed with Chris Van Maroey, project leader of Slim Naar Antwerpen.

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Real estate has a long tradition of being slow at adopting to new technologies or social changes. However, it is changing. Nowadays citizens expect real estate   as a service where intangible assets are included in the offering. Next to smart building or sustainable services, mobility is becoming a crucial game changer, especially in Belgium due to high density of people and trafficcongestion.

A study led by ORG - Urbanism (Alexander D’Hooghe) in collaboration with Deloitte and MIT SA+P highlights two incompatible systems: mass transits in urban areas versus individual car usage in rural areas. This study proposes ‘seamless decentralized mobility’ as a newly conceived network of hubs and spokes, designed for current and emerging mobility technologies and strategically positioned in an intermediary zone along the urban transect; connecting the historical urban core and the metropolitan periphery.  Alexander D’Hooghe has presented this study during the Realty fair.

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