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Cloud-enabled data center modernisation

Key considerations

Cloud-enabled data center modernisations are becoming mainstream. While they are sometimes over-simplified as ‘lift and shift’, experience shows that a more comprehensive approach focusing on seven key drivers is essential for success.

There is now strong consensus that the public cloud paradigm shift is rendering on-premise data centers obsolete. However, a so-called ‘lift and shift’ of the on-premise estate to the cloud is not sufficient to capture the cloud-promised value as it doesn’t address the broader imperatives.

In this paper we share our learnings for the 12 to 24-month journey of modernising a data center to the cloud and the seven key success factors:

  1. Executive alignment
  2. Architecture design
  3. Migration approach
  4. Security
  5. Legal and contracting
  6. IT operating model
  7. Cost savings tracking

To learn more about the key considerations for a Cloud-enabled data center modernisation, we invite you to read the report.

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