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Digital Banking Maturity 2022

Closing the gap to fully digital user experience in banking

Covering 304 banks from 41 countries, the fifth Digital Banking Maturity report analyses digital retail banking in three channels, throughout the customer journey, based on an outside-in ‘mystery shopper’ assessment of digital functionalities, customer needs research, and user experience evaluation.

By comparing Belgian banks with each other and global champions, four key insights were identified:

  • International banks continued to invest massively in new digital functionalities over the last two years. As a result, Belgium now only has one bank in the “digital champions” league.
  • In 2020, Belgium had three banks in the “digital latecomers” category. Today, it’s only one. Digital efforts are starting to pay off, but the gap with the top Belgian banks remains very wide.
  • Banks increasingly offer digital solutions to help clients invest (e.g., tools for automated investment advisory and portfolio management). It will be interesting to see how this will evolve when interest rates start to rise again!
  • Leading banks are becoming multi-service platforms, with offerings in areas such as mobility, e-government, healthcare, and e-commerce. In certain countries, we see banks offering online sales platforms and marketplaces, embedded in their digital channels.

To learn more about the digital maturity of Belgian and international banks, we invite you to read the study.

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