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On the road to human digital

An assessment of insurers in Belgium

Deloitte Belgium’s Digital Insurance Maturity Assessment provides key insights into the current digital insurance landscape, and what Belgian consumers expect in terms of online services and functionalities.

For its first Digital Insurance Maturity Assessment, Deloitte Belgium evaluated 13 insurers and surveyed 1000 consumers to understand Belgium’s current digital insurance landscape and what Belgian consumers expect in terms of online services. Findings can help insurers identify new opportunities for their digital strategy by providing insights into customer demand, competition, and industry trends.

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Bancassurance players lead the way when it comes to digital maturity

Key Takeaways

Insurers focus on digitalizing sales, but results show a higher demand for servicing: 84% of respondents find online servicing important against 71% for sales. Online channels also rate significantly higher for self-service tasks than for buying new insurance.

More than 85% of customers want the possibility to follow-up on claims, download insurance documents and edit billing online. Yet, this is where insurers scored the lowest on average.

Bancassurance players outperformed direct and indirect competitors on every step of the customer journey, with an average functionality score of nearly 70%. They specifically differentiate on servicing, with more advanced “customer zones”.

Belgian consumers expect digital features, and yet, about 70% of them still prefer to interact with an advisor for a range of tasks. This is especially true when contracting a new insurance policy.

Most players achieved an overall UX score of 85% or above on their customer acquisition channels. Investing in great UX has become a standard for the industry, rather than a true competitive advantage.

These UX categories accounted for the most frequent and severe mistakes amongst Belgian insurers. Accessibility violations were observed in all audited channels.

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