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ERP Systems Support

Tax innovation and know-how for enterprise resource planning applications

Translating tax requirements into ERP design   

Tax is complex—as are cloud-based ERP system implementations. When implemented correctly, however, such systems offer critical support for organisational goals. In a recent Deloitte study, a majority of tax and finance leaders with advanced skills in this area rated ERP systems as highly effective for business support.  

Every ERP implementation should be aligned with the specific needs of tax, including being prepared to keep pace with changing global tax regulations, real-time reporting requirements and information reporting needs. We bring the perspective of tax to an enterprise ERP project, helping identify tax requirements, blueprint options and, providing support and advice. We help tax departments understand tax sensitivities associated with ERP implementations and identify needs related to the tax processes across the essential design, build and testing stages.  

Tax-enabled ERP design and implementation 

Deloitte professionals can help you integrate tax requirements into your ERP systems to improve control over tax data, better managing potential risks and enhancing the efficiency of business processes. Tax-enabled ERP design helps: 

  • Properly address tax functionality during an ERP implementation 
  • Identify opportunities to automate tax calculations, tax reporting and documentation, to eliminate manual processes and enhance transactional compliance 
  • Integrate VAT/GST and global trade requirements within ERP solutions 
  • Integrate tax specific solutions with the ERP system  
  • Enhance efficiencies for data visibility and indirect tax reporting

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