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Deloitte’s Insights and Emerging Solutions team is a market-leading group with deep SME knowledge.

We are innovators who are fluent in emerging technologies and have an industry point of view on how to leverage these solutions to solve M&A, regulatory, compliance, litigation and investigation challenges.

Insights and Emerging Solutions

When faced with increasingly complex disruptions, we’ll provide tailored solutions to help you measure, manage and maximise trust with your key stakeholders.

What’s your challenge?

  • How do I understand the size, frequency and complexity of my challenges?
  • How do I build confidence using data, insights and intelligent solutions to manage my challenges proactively?
  • How do I use my data to generate value for my organisation?

How we can help

  • Develop intelligent techniques to search, sort and organise every dataset
  • Help you extract critical information and insights from large data sets to make decisions
  • Reduce manual work and target the relevant review population
  • Identify and redact Personally and Sensitive Identifiable Information (P/SII)
  • Understand content from unstructured data like handwritten text, signatures, audio, video and image files
  • Create bespoke solutions leveraging Machine Learning and AI to address your unstructured data challenges and integrate them into Discovery platforms for your use
  • Provide ongoing data management support via reproducible methodologies and self-service

Who we are

  • Multi-disciplinary and Collaborative – we are data scientists, engineers and full-stack developers working alongside eDiscovery practitioners, digital forensic specialists and eHearing experts.
  • Innovators – we’re fluent in emerging technologies and have an industry point of view on how to solve your M&A, regulatory, compliance, litigation and investigation challenges. 

You can engage us for one or any combination of these services:

We can help you efficiently capture, examine, digitise, audio and video content into searchable and indexable format to reduce review times by as much as two-thirds, while maintaining consistent and accurate results. Our solutions use leading AI and machine learning technologies to enrich sentiment, object detection and content summarisation layers on to the data. Our assets are integrated into the standard workflows of leading eDiscovery and review platforms, streamlining user experience. For more information, see Clarity.

Our award-winning document intelligence platform accelerates your document review process by automatically extracting key information like document types, personally identifiable information, handwritten text, signatures, dates, and names of entities, organisations and persons using machine learning. We also have the ability to digitise structured documents like bank statements, payslips, time sheets and unstructured documents like contracts into searchable, indexable machine recognisable format for rule-based validations.

We will work with you to create business rules that work alongside these machine learning assets to categorise documents into logical groups for quicker identification of responsive documents and enables better workforce planning. For more information, see Clarity.

We’ll enable you to make more intelligent decisions about your data with evidence-based information about what happened, who’s involved, why it occurred and the scale of the challenge. By applying advanced automation tools and techniques, we can reduce the manual impact of data separation on an organisation. We’ll deliver a robust, auditable, repeatable solution that can provide ongoing cost savings through the defensible purge of unwanted, redundant data. For more information, see DataMAAP.