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Virtual Customer Experiences

We combine our learnings and tested virtual technology portfolio to enable you to seamlessly transition between the physical and virtual environments and experience minimal disruption in your establishment of a resilient and sustainable workplace of the future; for your both your employees and your customers.

Virtual Customer Experiences

A Human Centred approach to the customer experience in a virtual environment; transforming the way you perceive and interact with customers in every touch point.

Our Services:

Virtual Customer

Virtual customer research to uncover how new customer behaviours affect propositions, experiences, loyalty, sales and servicing.

  • Research into your customers through virtual customer research (VCR)
  • Insight gathering and synthesis to understand how we adapt or create solutions in order to solve for customer needs / paint points and stimulate growth
  • Design /Delivery of new ways to attract and engage customers through designing complete propositions/experiences or optimisation of current ones.

The Virtual Office

Virtual Store

Virtualise your physical store through digital reality technologies to engage customers through a range of immersive experiences.

  • Connect our customers to product specialists anywhere, anytime
  • Enable AR and VR visualisation, to assist customers with product discovery and selection
  • Bring to life the entertainment and social experience our customers love about physical stores
  • Enable pop-ups with an endless isle, language of choice product specialists, and direct to consumer drop shipping capabilities

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Virtual Assistants

Build engaging Conversational Artificial Intelligence applications that understand natural language voice and text commands and complete tasks for your employees and customers.

  • Deliver AI-led conversational solutions to common business problems that improve the customer and employee experience.
  • Relieve the strain on human-facing channels to allow them to scale and respond to critical events and changes in demand.
  • Enable increasingly more tasks to be carried out virtually; releasing human effort to be focused on the important less routine activities that make a difference to customers

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Virtual Experiences

Provide your audiences with one of a kind digital reality experiences; immersing your users in interactive 3D worlds.

  • Virtual media can be used to address any (or a combination of) the below:
  • Increase engagement & sales
  • Key information retention
  • Cost reductionTraining
  • Convert physical to digital
  • Replace in person training
  • Behaviour change
  • Re-usable and easily re-purposed