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Modernisation for digital resilience

Many organisations are operating on fragmented technology platforms, often struggling with inefficiencies and issues such as data silos or lack of data integration. Integral Diagnostics and many other organisations are now implementing a centralised technology stack to enable integration, automation and flexibility in responding to changing business needs. Read more to see why Integral Diagnostics chose Deloitte to help implement their Workday solution.

In today's digital world, businesses face the challenge of operating across multiple technology platforms.

While operating with a diverse range of platforms will often allow businesses to address specific needs, it can create complications across their data strategy. This includes having fragmented data lifecycles and data linkage issues which often stem from disparate data standards. This can sequentially affect an organisation’s processing capabilities and infrastructure scalability as a result.

To overcome these issues, organisations are turning towards integrated platforms that consolidate their technologies and provide a single source of truth. This helps to streamline processes, improves data accuracy, and enhances the user experience. Additionally, integrated platforms allow organisations to gain a more comprehensive view of their operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and strategically reshape the future of their organisation.

Globally, we are observing organisations transforming their technology platforms towards a more singular and integrated system to overcome organisational issues and achieve operational success.

"We had a disparate array of legacy systems that we really wanted to bring together onto one platform to allow us to really have a foundation across the business that we can leverage from a systems perspective across different processes."

Craig White, Chief Financial Officer at Integral Diagnostics

Having the right technology consulting and implementation partner is a critical component to delivering a successful digital transformation. Deloitte's expertise and experience across all industries and sectors means that we are able to push the limits of what is possible, helping our clients achieve their goals and ensuring there is an agreed and mutual understanding of benefits the project will deliver.

Modernising technology stacks is an imperative for most organisations in order to remain resilient in an increasingly digitised world. While that pathway forward is clear, it can be difficult to identify exactly which technologies you need, nor how to manage systemic risks involved in upgrading platforms. From cybersecurity risks and system downtime to cost overruns and training for staff, Deloitte will help you navigate these challenges and fulfil your business needs.

We had a great team both internally and working with Deloitte that have allowed us to deliver the systems implementation; on time, on budget.

Craig White, Chief Financial Officer at Integral Diagnostics

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