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A world-class enterprise grade solution that drives value transformation in uplifting digital healthcare capability through micro-transformations.

Introducing ConvergeCare

A vision for digitally enabled healthcare on the ServiceNow platform driving an excellent digital experience, reducing administrative burden, repetitive tasks and bringing time back for the things that matter…patient care.

The glue to join disparate and disjointed processes: Driving a seamless flow of information across the continuum of care. Enabling clarity and auditability to processes and reducing administrative burdens.

Intuitive interactions to streamline workflow: We bring modern generative AI technology and dedicated industry practitioners who address the most complex challenges of enabling technology in a clinical environment.

The platform to provide a digital front door: Connect Patients, Clinicians and Staff through a digital front door enabling workflows and capability to where it is needed on demand.



Enables more intuitive, responsive, and innovative service models.


Improves data accuracy and proactive error handling.


Improves governance and processes that support coordination, prioritisation, and resource allocation.


Clinical & Non-Clinical Task Management

A modern and intuitive platform to efficiently manage day-to-day tasks, rosters and staff across the organisation.

Patient Tracking Board

Modernise Patient Boards from hand-written whiteboards to a virtual patient board on a digital environment.

Patient Digital Pathways

Reliably digitise workflows using the ServiceNow’s HCLS Data Model to provide clinicians with Patient Digital Pathways and clinical admin decision support capability.

Home Care

An intelligent, automated and scalable remote workforce management solution with views tailored to clinical, administrative and patient needs.

Clinical & Non-Clinical Administration

Digitise everyday paperwork to streamline administrative processes and reduce manual workload.

More about ConvergeCare

We have deep health care sector expertise.

We are uniquely positioned to help health care organisations as the leading health care consultancy which offers our clients scale and breadth of capabilities that are consistently recognised by global industry analysts.

Discover how our specialist industry products can solve your business challenges.

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How it works?

Key Features

We will bring a tailored approach to innovation and accelerate value realisation.

We have initiatives, assets, programs, and partnerships specifically focused on innovation in the health care ecosystem.

  • Automated workflow functionality.
  • Integrated communication functionality allows for HIPPA-aligned secure messaging.
  • Patient details at-a-glance, but deidentified in public spaces.
  • Simplified patient traceability visualised with patient digital pathway dashboard.
  • 360-degree view of the patient in care.
  • Agent-assist provides access to previous cases to assist with case-completion.
  • Device-management capabilities for equipment management and transfer.
  • Generative AI to support automated home-care triaging.

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