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Tax Management Consulting

Bridging the digital tax gap through intelligent collaboration and innovative ideas

In an increasingly demanding global environment, managing tax responsibilities and planning for tax issues is becoming more complex. In addition, the COVID-19 global pandemic has placed increased importance on effective governance and technology to manage the already demanding tax environment. With consulting, technology and outsourcing experience, Deloitte helps businesses meet the challenges of multi-jurisdictional tax operations, including compliance, reporting and risk management for direct and indirect taxes. Deloitte helps clients to understand and transform their processes, technology and resourcing models and where appropriate offer global outsourcing capabilities. This helps tax departments to meet key objectives for quality and control, however, at a cost and in a way that also creates value for their organisation.

Tax Strategy and Operations

Growing complexity in global tax regulations, the relentless wave of technology change, and a shortage of tax talent are colliding to create greater potential risk and cost exposures for your organisation. Deloitte can help you transform your tax operating model to address these challenges and position your tax function and business for the future.

Services include helping the tax function develop its strategy aligned to organisational strategy and improving the effectiveness of the tax function’s operating model. Elements would include an assessment of roles and responsibilities related to tax, governance of tax procedures and controls within a tax environment. Deloitte also assists with the integration of business’s processes for tax compliance, tax audit and evaluating and managing its tax rate.

Download the Deloitte Africa Tax Risk Map which provides a tool to better assess tax risks and opportunities.
Read Deloitte’s guide to tax risk management for more information.

Tax Technology

Tax departments today often face significant resource constraints, requiring an increased focus on efficiency and effective use of technology to streamline their compliance and reporting processes. Below is an overview of our solutions in tax technology:

Tax digital transformation
Deloitte assists clients to perform a strategic and holistic review of their tax function and tax technology maturity. The team assist tax departments in understanding requirements for the design, selection, and implementation of tax software for global and local purposes for both direct and indirect taxes. In addition the digital era has allowed us to leverage disruptive technologies such as robotics process automation and artificial intelligence making technology a true enabler for the tax function in order for tax specialists to focus on more value add activities.

Tax sensitisation of ERP systems
Aligning the enterprise system with tax requirements improves the availability and access to tax sensitised data. We work with client tax and IT teams to:

• create tax requirements and provide design support throughout the ERP implementation lifecycle.
• provide specifications for the automation of tax spcalculations and reporting to eliminate manual processes.
• provide testing support and prepare training material for tax and other finance users.

Tax data analytics
Tax information is increasingly important to management’s ability to plan and forecast. Deloitte assists organisations leverage data analytics for tax and assess the data and information produced. Using tax data analytics, Deloitte assists clients with optimising its tax function through data-driven reconciliations (IT14SD reconciliation), tax dashboards (customs and VAT dashboards) and optimising existing technology (Excel Tax Return Packs) and much more.

Visit the tax technology hub to find Deloitte's insights and solutions on tax technology and tax analytics.

Global Compliance Reporting

Global compliance and reporting re-leverages your tax department and shifts focus from getting the basics done to high-value, strategic activities. The successful management of global tax compliance is more difficult and demanding than ever. Regulatory change and government requirements continue to increase the complexity and volume of compliance, while pressure is mounting for tax departments to contribute higher value to the broader business—but for the same or reduced cost. Deloitte can help you navigate these goals through a co-designed outsourcing model that leverages our experienced teams, proprietary technologies, and process best practices. The model can flex and scale to align with your evolving operations. Most importantly, it can empower you with information to make smart decisions with confidence. Watch this short video to learn more about our global compliance and reporting services.

The Deloitte myInsight platform becomes your global compliance management system which provides a real time overview of your tax compliance status across multiple jurisdictions, a central repository of key documentation and a single platform to manage data collection and processing activities.

Indirect Tax Compliance Application
In order to further automate the compliance process and derive embedded value, the Deloitte’s Indirect Tax Compliance Application (ITC) was developed by Deloitte to meet the day-to-day indirect tax compliance challenges faced. Not only does ITC automate the value-added tax return process but it also performs over 35 validation checks on the data, provides a trends analysis, a full audit trail and many other key features.

Global Tax Centre – Africa
Whether you have existing operations or are expanding into Africa our Global Tax Centre – Africa is here to partner with you to drive value and efficiencies. View our 2020 edition of the Guide to fiscal information: Key economies in Africa to help navigate relevant tax rules, investment incentives, exchange control and treaty networks across Africa.

In terms of geographical scope, the global compliance and reporting service is currently available for most countries around the world, including Africa. We continuously keep investing in the globalisation of our application.

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