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Strategic decision-making for the tax and finance functions

 Planning with foresight

Tax is often the greatest single expense for many companies, yet it often remains largely an afterthought in the strategic planning process. Modernizing tax operations and closely aligning the tax and finance functions—across people, process, and technology—can turn real-time tax decision-making from a vision into a reality. Understand how integrating tax and financial systems around a business tax strategy can help organizations stay ahead of risk, deliver forward-looking insights, improve tax function effectiveness, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

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Webinar: New territory for tax function transformation

Where tax fits into next-generation ERP implementation

Business models are evolving, and legislative demands around global direct and indirect tax are increasing. Cloud technology and ERP modernizations offer tax and finance functions a unique opportunity to come together to address significant data and reporting challenges. To boost tax function effectiveness, you need to know how to position your tax department as a key stakeholder and beneficiary of cloud and modernized ERP implementations.

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Crunch time 9: Tax in a digital world

Bringing the tax and finance functions closer together

It’s time for CFOs to rethink the role tax plays in business decision-making. By taking a fresh look at new technology capabilities and related operating models, CFOs who invest in tax modernisation may realize that they can have it all: greatly improved tax function effectiveness that’s tightly integrated with finance and the rest of the organisation.

Operational efficiency with scale

While tax department applications have traditionally sat outside a company’s core financial systems, increasing data volumes and reporting requirements are driving the tax and finance functions to work together more than ever to lead to more accurate processes—such as tax provisioning. The cloud can help fuel this new effort through robust security and vast computing power that tax departments need to generate deeper insights and deliver greater tax function effectiveness.

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Clarity with speed

Today’s tax professionals are being asked to stay ahead of more risks, draw insights from more data, and track more regulations across more jurisdictions than ever. With artificial intelligence (AI) technology enhancing their efforts, it can be done. Deloitte’s AI platform can monitor, changes in tax regulations around the globe in real time, enabling greater tax department effectiveness now and into the future.

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Function with insight

Indirect Tax Logic (ITL) is a suite of plug-ins developed to expand additional functionalities of SAP, and reduce the time and effort spent complying with tax authority requirements.

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Collaboration between the tax and finance functions on a business tax strategy stems from a common understanding of each department’s priorities. Today’s CFO knows that standardisation can enhance reporting performance dramatically. So what happens when automation, advanced analytics, and machine learning are added into the mix? Learn how finance leaders are using digital tools to upgrade their departments’ reporting processes and get better information distributed faster. And discover what that means for the future of reporting itself.

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