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Welcome to the Power of With.

Compliance with transparency. Accuracy with speed. Complexity with clarity.

Digital transformation is here, and it’s impacting tax and legal departments. Today, people are working with machines to harness data, automate execution of rote tasks, comply in real time and free themselves up to add greater value within their companies. That not only transforms how work gets done, it also transforms the talent needed to do it.

Elevate your tax function: Discover the Power of With

Tax leaders are being confronted with significant changes—all occurring at the same time. Discover the full possibilities of how technology can amplify the abilities of tax professionals by freeing up time to think, plan, and deliver even greater value to the business.

Harness the Power of With today. Watch the video below to learn now.

Evolutionary change with revolutionary impact

With machines, professionals amplify their own abilities and insights exponentially—and by doing so, become more integral and valuable to their companies than ever before.

The promise

  • Tranformative tech advances
  • Disruption and innovation drive competitive advantage

The reality

  • New tech can be confusing and hard to implement
  • real benefits seem far off

Dramatic increases in:

  • Processing power
  • Memory capacity
  • Connectivity
  • Artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain

Lead to phenomenal progress in our professional lives.


Five trends will form the foundation of transformation:

  • Big Data
  • Process automation
  • Decision making
  • Democratisation of knowledge
  • Open networks


In the future digital environment, we expect:

  • Instantaneous performance
  • Massive processing power
  • Ever smarter machines
  • Limitless storage
  • Ubiquitous connectivity

The future of the tax and legal industries will feature:

  • Different talent models and skill sets
  • A workforce augmented by AI and robotic process automation
  • New data requirements and compliance processes
  • Transformed interactions with tax authorities

The nature of our work will fundamentally change:

  • Increased demand for traditional services
  • Overall demands will grow as new business models evolve
  • Enhanced service offerings – richer data, delivery models and greater demand
  • Market differentiation through digital transformation
  • Digital talent models 
  • Smarter insights