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Leading a Generative AI-Fueled Enterprise

A CEO series

Generative AI turns unstructured data into logical results, makes mundane tasks creative, and transforms code into art, but it needs human input for purpose and trust. Let’s collaborate and explore how GenAI can help CEOs reinvent their business models, create lasting value, and execute their vision.

According to our latest Fortune/ Deloitte CEO Survey, 79% of CEOs surveyed say that accelerating innovation is one of the top use cases for implementing Generative AI. CEOs must be at the helm of this transformation and must set the tone for how ambitious that change will be. With this series of thought leadership pieces, Deloitte aims to help CEOs see ahead into the future to imagine and pursue a Generative AI vision that maximises value for their organizations.

Speed. Scale. Capacity. Generative AI has the potential to unleash big advantages for organizations.

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