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Deloitte Africa's Generative AI practice: Pioneering transformative solutions for businesses and communities

Deloitte Africa’s Generative AI practice equips and empowers its clients with strategic innovations, talent requirements, and a collaborative alliance ecosystem, enabling them to navigate the dynamic and converging digital landscape.  

Proactive risk management in Generative AI

Generative AI is dominating public interest in artificial intelligence.

By some estimations, generative AI is the end of the Internet search and the tool that will revolutionize many aspects of how we work and live. We’ve heard that before in AI. The newest applications often conjure public excitement.

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Benefits and limitations of Generative AI

The AI field took a turn with the release of powerful Generative Artifical Intelligence (AI) models, and as a result, the world is seeing the automation of some skills around creativity and imagination sooner than many expected. For some organizations, Generative AI holds valuable potential for higher order opportunities, like new services and business models. Deloitte offers a method for selecting Generative AI use cases, as well as some next steps for business leaders in the Age of With.

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The implications of Generative AI for businesses

The year 2022 was a watershed year for artificial intelligence (AI), with the release of several consumer-facing applications like ChatGPTDALL.E, and Lensa. The common theme, the use of Generative AI—a paradigm shift in the world of AI. While current generations of AI use pattern detection or rule-following to help analyze data and make predictions, the advent of transformer architectures has unlocked a new field: Generative Artificial Intelligence.

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