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State of the South African Child Report 2023

Serve like Mandela

The State of the South African Child Report provides a comprehensive assessment of the prevailing issues faced by our children in South Africa. The report further sheds light on the alarming rates of violence, poverty, inequality, and inadequate access to essential services that continue to hinder the survival, growth, and development of children.

It is hoped that the report will galvanise collective action, ignite meaningful conversations, and inspire innovative solutions.

Together, we can build a legacy worthy of our children.

Five Key Challenges

In its 2020 Strategy review, the Fund identified five key challenges impacting the lives of South African children and these remain at the centre ofthe work the Fund carries out. The report aims to delve into each of these challenges and present a view of the current state, the areas of focusand call to action so as to enable meaningful outcomes.

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