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De-mystifying Digital


In De-mystifying Digital we explore the state of Digital Transformation in Africa and make it practical covering various topics.

We make time for what matters in De-mystifying technical concepts and give insights to the art of the possible.

De-mystifying Digital episode 2 The ripple effect of an ecosystem

Catherine Stretton exploring empowering start-ups in powering African Growth and how start-ups can enable a ripple effect within powerful ecosystems. She speaks to Kimberley Taylor founder and CEO of Loop and Will Green Programme Director of Grindstone Accelerator.

De-mystifying Digital episode 1 part 1 Women in AI

Catherine Stretton speaks to Jania Okwechime Deloitte Partner in Analytics West Africa and Vanessa Saker Deloitte Senior Manager Cognitive Advantage South Africa about their journey as women in Artificial Intelligence. They share their thoughts on what AI is and discuss whether robots will take over the world.

De-mystifying Digital episode 1 part 2 Careers in AI

Catherine Stretton continues her conversation with Vanessa Saker and Jania Okwechime, in part two they explore steps you can take to commence a career in Artificial Intelligence.

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