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Navigating the changing role of the CFO: From financial to strategic partner

The CFO’s role has undergone significant transformation over the past decade. Gone are the days when CFOs focused only on providing accurate numbers to the organisation. With business and operating dynamics shifting, today’s CFOs are required to become more strategic, moving away from the role as financial partner to a more strategic partner to the CEO. To succeed and to add long-term value to the organisation, a newly appointed CFO needs to begin with a clear view and vision of the corporate strategy they intend to shape.

Four faces of the CFO

Deloitte’s Four Faces of the CFO framework defines the critical aspects of a CFO’s role as an operator, a steward, a catalyst, and a strategist. The framework guides CFOs to clearly articulate their needs and plans to achieve key goals.

Catalyse organisational behaviour to execute strategic and financial objectives while simultaneously creating a risk intelligent culture.

Provide financial leadership in determining strategic business direction, M&A, financing, capital market, and longer-term strategies vital to the company’s future performance.

Protect and preserve the organisation’s critical assets and accurately report on financial position and operations to internal and external stakeholders.

Balance capabilities, talent, costs, and service levels to fulfil the finance organisation’s core responsibilities efficiently.


Navigating the changing role of the CFO:From financial to strategic partner