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Deloitte + Google Cloud’s Advanced Data Analytics Management Platform (ADAM)

Improving telecom customer experiences with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-powered insights for MTN

MTN is Africa’s largest operator with over 270 million subscribers, in 19 markets. MTN accumulates a vast amount of data, and Deloitte brought together a Consulting, Risk Advisory, and tax team in order to put together a Google Cloud enabled technology to help MTN.

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“The ADAM Platform is complex, but its objective is simple: improve customer experiences by understanding their preferences in near real-time and tailoring experiences accordingly,” says Mohanoe Mokhitli, General Manager, Data and Analytics, Group Business Intelligence Competency Centre, at MTN Group. “Google Cloud was the clear choice as the technology foundation due to its connectivity across Africa, scalability, and analytics tools.”

Deloitte’s Shyam Ranchod and MTN’s Nikos Angelopoulos talk about the journey to real-time, tailored customer experiences through the MTN ADAM Platform.


In this video, Shyam Ranchod, Director at Deloitte Africa and Nikos Angelopoulos, MTN Group CIO discuss the innovative step in real-time customer experience customisation of the MTN ADAM Platform.

The value of real-time customer experience customisation with the MTN ADAM Platform


Watch Shyam Ranchod – Director at Deloitte Africa Consulting & Nikos Angelopoulos – MTN Group CIO take us through the value the MTN ADAM Platform creates for customers.

A uniquely African solution, for uniquely African customers: The MTN ADAM Platform.


The MTN ADAM Platform brought together data scientists from 11 different African countries to co-create a uniquely African solution. Director at Deloitte Africa, Shyam Ranchod and MTN Group CIO Nikos Angelopoulos are in conversation about the fact that the MTN ADAM Platform is a proudly African solution in a proudly African market.



Driven by purpose, driven by experience. Listen in on the purpose behind the customer centric MTN ADAM Platform.


Purpose was at the forefront of the hearts and minds of the African data scientists developing the MTN ADAM Platform. How to drive an impactful, purposeful change in customer experience. Hear more from Deloitte Africa Director, Shyam Ranchod as he discussed the purpose behind the MTN ADAM Platform with Nikos Angelopoulos, MTN Group CIO.