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A message from our Chief Executive Officer

Ruwayda Redfearn
Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte Africa

Our 2022 Deloitte Africa Impact Report describes the conscious and deliberate choices we made to ensure that our work, and the combined strengths and passions of our people on the continent, will build better futures for Africa and her people.This report is an extension of our 2022 Deloitte Africa Transparency Report, which describes in detail how we focused our business activities and quality assurance journey to ensure that we uphold public trust with distinction and consistency.At Deloitte Africa, we take a long-term view on creating value rather than myopically seeking out short-term gains. We appreciate that this may require trade-offs, ensuring we can focus our efforts on making a lasting impact for people and our planet.

Our people walk the talk and put their energy and inspiration into making our Purpose a reality through their actions and application of their skills and passion. We are motivated by the opportunity of building better futures for the millions of people who are impacted by the orbit of our work with clients and society.

The 2022 Deloitte Africa Impact Report demonstrates how we are living our Purpose of making an impact that matters across three areas: our clients, our people and society.

Our firm is deeply committed to ensuring that our Purpose – making an impact that matters for our clients, our people and society – is embedded in every aspect of our business.