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Tech Trends 2024

Deloitte's 15th Annual Tech Trends Report illuminates the evolution of technology as a tool to revolutionise business. This year, we delve into how these trends are poised to impact and shape businesses and societies across Africa.

Enabling agile thinking, efficient creation, and fast deployment

Africa must act now…

In a world that continues to be disrupted by technology across industries at an unprecedented pace, it is important for all industry leaders to not only keep up but also stay ahead of the technology game and its impact.

This is no different in Africa. Technology is more important for Africa than ever before, to be a catalyst for faster economic growth and to break down barriers to entry into newer market segments that were difficult to reach in the past.

It is with this in mind that Deloitte Africa releases local insights from our subject matter experts in response to trends captured in our global report, Tech Trends 2024. Context is essential, and with the continent’s various nuances our local thought leaders can navigate and plan for the possible impact of each trend on industries important to Africa’s prosperity.

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Six emerging technology trends demonstrate that in an age of generative machines, it’s more important than ever for organizations to maintain an integrated business strategy, a solid technology foundation, and a creative workforce.

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Here are the six 2024 Tech Trends