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The Revenue Authority of the Future

An African Perspective

The saying ‘Nothing is certain but death and taxes’, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, hints at the inevitability and importance of taxes in an economy. Some might see taxes as a necessary evil, but it is irrefutable, that taxes are vital for governments to deliver on their promises to their constituencies.

As government purses were stretched during the Covid-19 pandemic, revenue collection became increasingly important to cushion some of the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic.

In this context, well-functioning revenue authorities, as the collectors of taxes, have become important cornerstones of modern and competitive economies. They enable governments to build and maintain vital economic infrastructure, to employ skilled staff who create enabling environments for businesses and individuals to flourish, and to redistribute resources to create more equitable societies. In short, revenue authorities are a crucial puzzle piece, holding together the social contract of a country.


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