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Benefits: Unleashed

Unleash the full value of your employee benefits

We think and do benefits differently. Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your benefits?

Employee benefits are more than just reward. Enabling your employees to personalise their benefits package and providing inclusive employee benefits enables them to choose benefits that are right for them right now. At Deloitte we think and do benefits differently.

Increasingly, employers are also keen to reflect their corporate values and social responsibilities in the benefits offered, delivering too against their diversity, equity and inclusion and ESG agendas. Data-driven insights are essential in ensuring that employee benefits deliver their full potential and that benefit decisions are data driven, not based on gut instinct or the latest trend.

With employee benefits representing a substantial cost to businesses, maximising return on investment on benefits spend is a common challenge. Is your employee benefits offering realising its full potential? Let us help you unleash the full potential now.

  • Attracting and retaining top talent – we review, develop and implement benefit strategies that help you attract and retain talent
  • Providing a benefits offering that meets the demands and needs of the workforce – we help you align benefit strategies with your worker preferences
  • Realising full potential from the benefits offering and maximising ROI – we use data analytics to provide you rich insights and help you embed a culture of data-based review and enhancement
  • Helping employees understand and appreciate the value of their benefits – we use our employee communications specialists, Stitch, to shape an engaging and innovative benefits communication strategy
  • Aligning benefits to corporate values and social responsibility – we help you take into account ESG and DE&I considerations and meet them
  • Managing compliance obligations and risks associated with benefits provision – we advise on the tax and employment law aspects of benefits provision on a global basis, and keep you appraised of developments and changes so that you can remain compliant
  • Identifying and negotiating with suitable vendors – we support you in selecting the right vendors for your business across various benefit types
  • Integrating a technology solution – we offer a personalised total reward statement and a flexible benefits technology with MyBenefitsMyChoice
  1.  We think about and do benefits differently.
  2. We offer global and industry market insight from our vast team of global specialists, facilitating informed decision-making and enabling you to remain competitive in the talent market.
  3. We use data-driven analytics, along with our employee engagement communications specialists Stitch, to help you generate greater value from existing benefits spend for both employer and employees and ensure new benefits are rolled out successfully.
  4. We help you manage compliance and risk through our extensive network of global tax and employment law professionals.
  5. We work across a global network, supporting you and your employees wherever you and they are.

Benefits strategy and design aligned to corporate values, DEI and ESG agendas

Benefits implementation: policy, process and governance

Insight driven by data analytics

Engaging employee communications

Integrated technology platform

Employment taxes and legal advice

Vendor selection and management

Benefits harmonisation