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Streamline: Operational TP

Automate your transfer pricing documentation through a pragmatic approach to transfer pricing technology

One of the biggest challenges in transfer pricing is ensuring that your business model and transfer pricing policy translates into a simple intercompany agreement that is accurately reflected in your financial statements and statutory returns. Often, the data you need for transfer pricing is not "tax sensitised" and is scattered across disparate IT systems and databases. We'll turn these challenges into an opportunity to create a pragmatic, user-friendly solution. We'll work with you to design and streamline your processes - and then automate them using an appropriate technology solution that fits your long term IT vision. As a result, you'll transform your tax department, and go from simply being compliant to being in control.

Thought leadership paper: Operational Transfer Pricing

Watch: OTP video series

Operational Transfer Pricing (“OTP”) provides confidence that the agreed-upon transfer pricing policies are actually happening on the ground, all around the world. This not only enables the business to implement these policies, but also to confirm that they are consistent in all the company’s records.

This area is under increasing scrutiny due to the BEPS project and tax authorities around the world testing, in detail, the actual outcomes of TP policies. Without a robust OTP system in place, organisations might not be able to implement TP policies consistently nor respond appropriately to TP audits.

For many companies, transfer pricing represents the largest tax risk if the company and tax authority cannot agree on the appropriate arm’s length price. This can result in large penalties from the tax authorities, which has implications not only on finances, but also on reputation in the market.

RPA for Tax Play Video Watch the video: Robotic process automation for tax

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next step in automating manual tasks in your Tax department. RPA is likely already used in other areas of your organisation - learn more how it can make a difference for your tax and transfer pricing operations.

What is OTP?

Download our placement to find out more

What is OTP?

Download our placement to find out more

Watch the video series