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UK Trade Analytics Tool

UK importers and exporters need a cost-effective way to assess the practical and cost impact of Brexit on supply chains and indirect taxes. This tool provides simple and clear visibility, enabling efficiencies and cash opportunities.

What is the tool?

It is a Deloitte developed tool designed to analyse MSS (Management Support System) data obtained from HMRC. This data provides a detailed insight into the UK customs and import VAT landscape of your business. Through three easy steps we can obtain and load the data, present findings to you in a short workshop, and provide a summary of findings and recommended next steps.

How can the tool benefit you?

The tool provides a holistic view of your UK international trade footprint (e.g. indirect taxes paid, customs brokers used, detail of goods classification and origin) whilst identifying risk and potential cost savings to your business. For example, you may find you are not always using postponed VAT accounting or claiming lower or zero duty rates or reliefs where they’re available – the Tool can spot this and we can then help you navigate the opportunities presented.

Wider benefits?

  • Better visibility and quantification of post-Brexit trading patterns, risks and opportunities, enabling better control;
  • Provides details to confidently assess customs and import VAT processes for Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) evidential purposes;
  • Helps identify possible use of preferential tariff treatment, duty and VAT reliefs, and special customs procedures for duty reclaim or mitigation opportunities;
  • Unlocking cash flow opportunities through the use of Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) and helping reconcile import VAT risk and recovery;
  • Identifying customs broker usage and associated administrative costs for audit, service level, cost reduction and rationalisation purposes; and
  • Transforms customs declarations data into intelligent and interactive visuals.

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