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How to make your future of work strategy sing

Designing and implementing a future of work strategy that resonates with every one of your employees can be a big challenge. 

We all have different needs, different priorities, and different motivations. Ultimately, we all want slightly different things. It’s never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

The last two years have proved that businesses can be flexible and succeed. Now it’s time to leverage that flexibility and extend it further into all aspects of who, where, when, and how we work. Those organisations who figure this out will have a competitive edge - those who communicate it best will go a step further, in attracting talent, outsmarting their competition, and achieving their business goals.

Whatever the future of work looks like for your business, how do you plan to make it really land with your employees? To communicate a strategy that really sings to your people, think about:

A consistent message

Give your future of work strategy a name and a catchy strapline; an identity your people leaders can use in the same way when speaking to their teams.

Listen to your employees

Make it clear that your approach will evolve over time. Showing you’re keen to take on board employee feedback will help them feel involved and valued.

Ensure senior leadership buy-in to your plans

Employees value transparency very highly. Ensuring visibility of your senior leadership team helps build trust so ask one of them to launch your strategy via a video message or webinar to lend it weight.

Align with your diversity and inclusion strategy

Make sure your communications explain how your future of work plans will support your D&I strategy. This can help you attract and retain talent from a broader and more diverse pool.

Remember this is a brilliant and positive thing!

A well thought out future of work strategy is a chance to reshape your business model, reinvigorate your employees and demonstrate that you’re a business which is embracing the future and everything that brings. Shout about it with digital-first communications that push creative boundaries.


Throughout the pandemic, the Stitch team have been helping employers communicate new ways of working to their employees – from embedding flexible working policies, to championing the benefits of remote working technology.

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