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Booting up a new plan

Interactive LTIP insights for a tech-focused team

Booting up a new plan

  • Engaging animation
  • Interactive guide
  • Webinar presentation

When software solutions company Redgate launched their first ever all-employee Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP), they wanted to keep the whole team in the loop from day one.

We helped by creating an interactive guide and animation with a distinctive and instantly recognisable look and feel, transforming tricky topics into engaging, attractive, and easy-to-understand information.

Watch the animation

Redgate wanted a 90-second animation that would explain and ultimately excite their employees about the new LTIP.

Embarking on a new future

Helping employees feel reassured and part of the journey. Redgate's new Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP), allowed all their employees to feel a sense of ownership in the business with share options​.

This was a big deal for the business, so Redgate needed clear and concise communications to ensure it made sense to all Redgaters. 

Through clear and productive meetings, we agreed to three key deliverables in the form of an explanatory animation, a captivating interactive guide, and a captivating presentation deck.


Years in the industry




Global employees

Booting up a new plan

We created a colourful, informative, and easy to understand interactive guide for Redgate employees. Additionally, we included useful tools, like an interactive calculator to make sure all the information came to life.

In the same modern, creative style we created a visually rich and engaging animation, which helped to tell the story of how the LTIP would impact Redgaters, and clearly explain the next steps.

Computer says yes

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with minimal inquires post-communications launch.

In just two weeks of the comms being rolled out, 62% of Redgate employees opted into the LTIP, and now 99% of all eligible Redgaters are enrolled in the plan.

“The Stitch team were terrific.. clear timelines and expectations from the outset with the ability to flex when required."

— Rebecca De Vere, Redgate

62% opt-in

A hugely encouraging 62% of Redgate employees opted into the LTIP.

99% enrolled

Success as 99% of all eligible Redgaters decided to enrol in the plan.

Peace of mind

Feedback stated minimal enquiries from employees post-comms launch.

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