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Turning the page: A new chapter for share save plan communications

Bringing employee benefits to life

Turning the page:

  • Interactive e-brochure
  • Save for Shares branding

Education and publishing brand Pearson’s Save for Shares plan had low uptake, despite it being a no-brainer for employees worldwide.

To refresh interest in the plan, we created a lively interactive e-brochure spelling out the plan’s benefits and translated it into eight languages. Jargon-free copy, informative illustrations, and useful interactivity including a savings calculator helped to make the complex clear.

Imagining the possibilities

With a global employee base spanning over 20 countries, finding creative ways of uniting and ultimately engaging them with a save for shares plan was going to be no easy task.

Our creative team ensured brand alignment from the get-go, and it was obvious that illustrations would be the most effective tool to interpret the complex.

We created a set of illustrations that felt joyous, playful, and fun. Clearly representing the positive and accessible side of saving. Each of the illustrative persona’s created gave a little glimpse into the representation of employees, and what life could look like if they were part of the plan.






years of history

In hand from the off

We created an easy-to-understand interactive e-brochure, laying out the full journey of joining the plan. Full of engaging illustrations and jargon-free copy.
This essential brochure even included an interactive calculator to show how much participants could save.

We supplied copy in eight different languages using our trusted translation partners. No easy feat as we worked in challenging time constraints – but we had it in hand from the off. ​

In their good books

We unlocked the potential of this low up-take plan to produce clever communications that resonated deeply with Pearson employees.

After the launch, 11% more eligible employees in the UK signed up to the plan, increasing participation to 29% of eligible employees. Not bad for a brochure.

“Working together was everything I hoped for - the team have great energy”

— Wade Gravett, Share Plans Manager at Pearson

11% more

Eligible employees in the United Kingdom signed up to the plan.

UK growth

A huge result for Pearson, as 29% of eligible employees participated.

Global uptake

Overall, 6% more eligible employees signed up globally

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