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Freshening things up: Creating a sense of ownership for all Danoners

A sense of ownership for all Danoners

Freshening things up:

  • Engaging animations
  • Website transformation
  • Informative flyers

After launching their all-employee share award in 2019, Danone came to us as they felt the plan's communications needed to be more dynamic. They wanted employees to feel excited at the prospect of owning part of the business they work for.

We brought things to life with a refreshed and revitalised suite of communications, using stripped back copy, clear messaging and bright and fresh imagery of fruit and vegetables as a nod to Danone's heritage.

Watch the animation

Danone wanted to showcase the fantastic opportunity that employees had in owning part of the business they work for. We felt that an animation would be the perfect way to spread the word.

Inspiring new co-owners

This repromotion of their global stock plan was a pivotal moment to inspire and excite over 100,000 global Danoners.

Seeking to breathe new life into the plan, by making it more employee friendly - we came together and agreed to develop a captivating animation, engaging emails, an eye-catching website, and attention-grabbing flyers and posters.






Share for each employee



Brought to life

Freshening things up for a global communications campaign is what we do best.

The deliverables were brought to life with a considered approach, using clear, stripped-back messaging, and vibrant imagery that not only paid homage to Danone’s heritage, but also effectively connected employees to the prospect of ownership.

We served it all up in over 30 languages, ensuring a totally global reach and resonance.  

A healthy future

Danone loved all the work we produced, and we’ve continued to work with them to revitalise communications for many more of their equity and incentive awards.

Now Danoners know, that as co-owners, they have real ownership in where they work, and feel motivated as part of Danone’s exciting, healthy future. 

“Working with Danone as they foster employee share ownership has been incredible for the Stitch team. There's nothing we love more than commitment to a global communications campaign in so many languages. Translation heaven!“

— Laura Groves, Account Manager for Danone at Stitch

Delivered globally

All deliverables had to be translated in to over 30 languages - a truly global social reach.

100k+ Danoners

The communications delivered reached over 100,000 employees in 60+ countries

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